Location of Taitajan taival Trail in FinlandEastern Finland, North Karelia Region
Ilomantsi (www.ilomantsi.fi)
Petkeljärvi National Park, Petkeljärvi - Putkelanharju Natura 2000 site
The trail is managed and maintained by Metsähallitus and the municipality of Ilomantsi.

Taitajan taival Trail in Ilomantsi, 31 km, is the oldest marked hiking trail in North Karelia. The trail was used as early as in the 1950s. For a majority of its route Taitajan taival Trail leads along the Petkeljärvi - Putkelanharju ridges, which have served as a travel route in oldern times as well. The views which open from the ridge tops are magnificent spanning over the surrounding area's lakes and ponds.

Visitors can wander along the trail in relative peace along the ridges that lead through the beautiful lake-filled landscape of North Karelia. Taitajan taival Trail can be travelled when the ground is not frozen. There are four rest points along the trail each equipped with a lean-to shelter. The trail is managed by Metsähallitus and Ilomantsi municipality.

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