Suvasvesi directions


Suvasvesi area is located in the Tuusniemi municipality on the northern side of Highway 23.


The Suvasvesi area can only be reached by boat.

By Boat

  • Boaters may arrive at Suvasvesi from Kallavesi or Kermajärvi. The Heinävesi Water Route goes across the whole area. You can set off for Suvasvesi with your own boat from Vehmersalmi or Karvio, for example.
  • You can reach the northern parts of the area from Kallavesi via Vehmersalmi or from Riistavesi via Summa.
  • You can reach the southern parts of the area from Kermajärvi through Varisvesi via the Karvio Canal (, or from Juojärvi via the Varistaipale Canal (
  • There are a few excursion harbours offering services in the area.
  • You will find information on renting rowing boats and canoes on Kuopio Tourist Service's website (


Boat Transportation

  • Eräpaimen ( organises boat excursions in the Suvasvesi area.

By Public Transportation

  • The area cannot be reached by public transport.

Starting Points for Excursions

  • You can set off for the clear waters of Suvasvesi from the boat launching sites at Mustinlahti in Kuopio, Levälahti in Tuusniemi and Kohmansalo in Leppävirta. It is about 1.5 km from Levälahti to Paimensaari by boat.
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Electronic Maps

Map of Suvasvesi

Other maps

  • Terrain Maps N524 and P513, 1:50 000. Map is sold by Karttakeskus and the National Land Survey of Finland.
  • The boating maps Kallavesi - Juurusvesi - Melavesi - Roikanvesi - Suvasvesi, 1:30 000, in Finnish. City of Kuopio. The boating maps are available as bound books (A4 sized maps) or as separate charts. They can be bought from the City of Kuopio or Kuopio Tourist Service.
  • Sisävesikarttasarja M, Savonlinna - Kuopio (the inland water nautical map series M, Savonlinna - Kuopio), 1:40 000, in Finnish. Finnish Maritime Administration 2006.
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