Sommarö Rental Hut

Rental hut, 22 people / 120 m2, 2 rooms and a kitchen, WC, shower.


Eräluvat-webshop or Customer Service Number +358 206 92424.

Terms of reservation for the Sommarö guardhouse rental hut
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See where to pick up the keys.  

Arrival at 2:00 PM and departure at 12 AM.

More information  +358 (0)40 595 5114.

The defence forces' depot and coastal artillery fort operated in this area during the years 1940 – 2000. The defence forces left behind a network of roads and trails, several house foundations, a pier, foundations for artillery pieces and bunkers. A monument has been erected to commemorate the operations of the coastal artillery fort. Of all the buildings, only the guard hut including some smaller building in the yard remain.

The area incorporates a nature trail  and a pier. 


Western Finland, Ostrobothnia, Korsholm
(, swedish), Kvarken archipelago.

Sommarö, coordinates: Euref-Fin (~ WGS84)
lat: 63° 09.8144' lon: 21° 18.2930'  
ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 7016537 E: 213423

Map of the surroundings of Kvarken Archipelago © Metsähallitus 2006

By car:
Drive 21 km north from Vaasa along road no. 724 towards
Replot. Continue 9 km west from Replot along road
no. 7242 to Södra Vallgrund. From there, follow the
signs to "Fort Sommarö".

By public transportation:
Weekdays you can travel to Södra Vallgrund by bus ( Get off the bus at the store
in Södra Vallgrund.  Turn back for 150 m from the
store and follow the signs to "Fort Sommarö".
The walking distance is about 3 km.


Topographic map (1:20 000) nr 1331 06 ,
Nautical chart series F (1:50 000)



The lean-to shelter, camp fireplace, and dry closet
are in use without charge.

Keys You can pick up and return the keys at Berny´s Café
and Restaurant by the Replot bridge.
Address: Replotvägen 2, 65800 Replot.
Phone: +358 (0)6 3521200


The guardhouse at Sommarö is equipped with electric
heating and lighting, shower, municipal water system
with potable water. 

Two bedrooms for 22 people. Bunkbeds with mattress, pillows and quilts. Please bring your own sheets. 

Sommarös bedroom 1. Photo: Tuija Warén

Sommarös bedroom 2. Photo: Tuija Warén

The kitchen is equipped with kitchen utensils and cutlery
for 22 people, a freezer, a refrigerator, an electric cooker,
microwave oven, a coffee and tea maker.

Sommarö guardhouse kitchen. Photo: Tuija Warén

In the yard there is a lean-to shelter and a campfire site
and a dry closet. There is no waste management at the hut.
Read more about
Hiking Without Littering.

Sommarös lean-to shelter and campfire. Photo: Tuija Warén



  • Pets are permitted in the hut.
  • Bring your own sheets.
  • Clean the hut before you leave. 
  • Safety on hiking

Maintenence and Management   

Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.
Phone +358 (0)40 595 5114


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