Starting Points for Trails

On Foot and by Snowshoes


Please also remember that there is a restricted area at Multiharju. You are only allowed to enter this area if you stay on the nature trail. Entering the area is otherwise forbidden year-round. The restricted areas in Lakes Iso-Seitsemisjärvi and Soljanen are off limits to the public starting 1.4. This is to ensure that birds can nest in peace.

Hiking Trails

A hiker on a snowy nature trail.In winter it is possible to walk in the area with or without snow shoes.

  • A 2 km long circle trail, which starts from the Nature Centre, is in year-round use. The trail leads via Sikomäki and Lake Ahvenlampi back to the visitor centre. During winter a snowmobile clears the trail to make hiking easier.
  • Multiharju old-growth forest Nature Trail is 1.8 km long and can be hiked during most winters though it is not maintained.

Customer Service

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Parking Areas

Nature Centre in Kulomäki

  • Seitsemisentie 110, Länsi-Aure, Ylöjärvi (please note, not Ikaalinen, like some navigators do use).
Kovero Heritage Farm
  • Seitsemisentie 948, Sisättö
  • Jaulintie, Ikaalinen
More precise parking area addresses are not available. Parking area addresses are in Finnish to be used in navigators.
The parking areas are available in winter, but there may be delays in ploughing.

Hiking tips

In winter
In winter the National Park is quieter than in summer. It is possible to walk in the area with or without snow shoes, or to go cross-country skiing. In the park area the trunk roads are ploughed. Walking trails are not maintained in the winter, but the Nature Trail at Multiharju and Runokangas are often quite clear around the year.