Films at the Seitseminen Nature Centre Auditorium

You can watch a variety of nature films at the Seitseminen Nature Centre auditorium. You can add the film of your choice to your guided group tour. All presentations are free of charge and can be held upon request during the Nature Centre's opening hours. Groups are requested to book presentations in advance.


  • Seitseminen (18,5 min.)
    • Atmospheric pictures of Seitseminen National Park accompanied by music.
    • Audio: Finnish, Swedish, English 


  • Luonto palaa (Back to Nature) (15 min.)
    • A film about the restoration of forests and mires.
    • Audio: Finnish, Swedish, English
    • Highly recommended by us!

Mires and Waters

  • The Grey Seal (15 min.)
    • A film about the lives of seals from pup to adulthood and the threats they face.
    • Audio: Finnish, Swedish, English
  • Kvarken - Brackish Water under Change (18 min.)
    • Audio: Finnish, English
  • The Incredible Baltic Sea (9,5 min.)
  • Audio: Finnish, Swedish, English

Traditional Agricultural Landscapes

  • Work of Our Fathers II
    • A Finnish documentary project that has collected ethnographic film material from the 1930's.
    • Captured on film are old working methods:
      • Pig slaughter in Tammela (19 min.)
      • Working with a knife and axe (35 min.)
      • Goat cheese (15 min.)
      • Skills and tests of strength (12 min.)
    • Silent films
  • Changes in the Finnish Countryside (12 min.)
    • A film documenting the changes in the Finnish countryside from the early 1900's till the present day.
    • Audio: Finnish, Swedish, English
  • Preserving Heritage Landscapes (15 min.)
    • A film about traditional Finnish landscapes and how they are maintained.
    • Audio: Finnish, Swedish, English