Hiking Trails

Duckboards over a mire where cotton grasses bloom.

Starting Points for Trails

  • The following trails have a starting point at Sallatunturi:

    • Iso Pyhätunturi Circle Trail

    • Hangasjärvi Trails

    • Sallatunturi - Kaunisharju Circle Trail

    • Salmijoki Ravine Trail

  • The following trails have a starting point at Salla Reindeer Park:

    • Ruuhitunturi Circle Trail

    • Aihkipetsi Circle Trail

    • Sallatunturi - Kaunisharju Circle Trail

  • The following trails have a starting point at Kaunisharju parking area:

    • Sallatunturi - Kaunisharju Circle Trail

    • Kolmiloukkonen Trail

    • Aihkipetsi Circle Trail

  • The forest road to Salmijoki Ravine and the side of road 82 (Salla - Kemijärvi) are both starting points for Salmijoki Ravine Trail.

  • There are numerous starting points for the UKK Hiking Trail, which include:

    • Hautajärvi

    • Sallatunturi

    • Vilma forest road (to the south of Aihkipetsi day-trip hut)

    • Kelloselkä, Hanhikangas

Duckboards that lead to a forest with signs that show towards trail UKK-reitti and inform the route lengths in kilometers to the places along the trail.

Circle Trails

  • Iso Pyhätunturi Circle Trail, 4.5 km has its starting point between the Pieni Pyhätunturi and Iso Pyhätunturi Fells at the bottom of the ski slopes. This trail is considerably demanding as it climbs to the top of Iso Pyhätunturi Fell and descends along its other side. Though the climb is demanding the view is magnificent and makes the effort worthwhile. An alternate route follows UKK Hiking Trail from Sallatunturi Ski Resort which extends the length of the trail to 8 km. Iso Pyhätunturi Circle Trail is marked with green wooden poles which have a picture of a hiker on them.

  • Hangasjärvi Trails, approx. 5 km. From Sallatunturi hikers can follow marked trails towards Lake Hangasjärvi. Route alternatives include a circle trail along the northeast side of the lake or an extra 1.5 km trail leading to the lean-to shelter situated at the southeast end of the lake. The trail which leads to the lean-to shelter is a connecting trail to Ruuhitunturi Circle Trail. The Hangasjärvi Trails are marked with green wooden poles which have a picture of a hiker on them. The trails are suited for beginners.

    • Services: There are no campfire sites along the circle trail, but hikers can follow a separate trail to Hangasjärvi lean-to shelter, which is maintained by the municipality of Salla.

  • Sallatunturi - Kaunisharju Circle Trail, approx. 11.5 km has three possible starting points; Sallatunturi, Kaunisharju parking area and Salla Reindeer Park. From Sallatunturi the trail circles the lower slopes of Pieni Pyhätunturi Fell via the south side of the fell to Lake Tunturilampi. At Lake Tunturilampi the trail leads along Kontiokangas to the bank of the River Hanhioja in the Aatsinki - Onkamo Natura 2000 Site, where visitors can admire old-growth forests. The trail then heads back towards Sallatunturi along the lower slope of Kaunisharju Ridge and then along the side of road 950 (Salla - Kuusamo). There is also a shorter route option for this trail, which leads along the west side of Kontiokangas. Sallatunturi - Kaunisharju Circle Trail partially follows the same route as the UKK Hiking Trail. During winter there is a lit ski trail on this route.

    • Services: Tunturilampi lean-to shelter, Kaunisharju lean-to shelter as well as Karhulampi lean-to shelter, which is maintained by the municipality of Salla.

    • Sights: Kaunisharju Ridge

  • Ruuhitunturi Circle Trail, approx. 11 km has its starting point at Salla Reindeer Park and first leads over Pirttivaara and then to the top of Ruuhitunturi Fell. The trail returns via the fells north side. The circle trail leads across state-owned commercial forests and for some time across privately-owned lands. There landscape is diverse. The slopes of Ruuhitunturi Fell are covered by candlestick-like spruce forest. At the top of Ruuhitunturi Fell hikers can stop to admire the view from a lookout tower. The trail is somewhat demanding as there are significant changes in altitude and hikers should be in considerably good shape to travel this route. From the north end of the trail near Lake Hangasjärvi there is a 2 km long connecting trail to Sallatunturi, which is an alternate starting point for this trail. Ruuhitunturi Circle Trail is marked with green wooden poles, which have a picture of a hiker.

    • Services: close to the trail Ruuhitunturi ski café which is open during early spring. As well as Hangasjärvi lean-to shelter, Tammakkolampi lean-to shelter, Kontiolampi lean-to shelter and Upinlampi campfire shelter which are all maintained by the municipality of Salla.

  • Aihkipetsi Circle Trail, approx 24 km has its starting point at Salla Reindeer Park. The beginning of this trail follows the same route as Ruuhitunturi Circle Trail over Pirttivaara Hill to the top of Ruuhitunturi Fell. At the top of the fell Aihkipetsi Circle Trail turns onto its own route and continues southward along the slope. From Kuusikko-Ruuhivaara the trail descends to a set of small lakes. Located on the shore of one of these is Aihkipetsi day-trip hut which is 10 km from the trail's starting point. From the day-trip hut the trail starts its journey back towards Sallatunturi winding through forests and mire depressions. There are numerous lean-to shelters to rest at along this portion of the trail. It is possible to travel the trail in one day if you are in good shape, but hikers can also stay overnight by the trail. The trail is marked with blue and red plywood plaques.

  • Alternatively hikers can partially follow the UKK Hiking Trail when travelling Aihkipetsi Circle Trail. This route option starts at Aihkipetsi day-trip hut where the trail first travels towards Ruuhitunturi Fell but turns south before it towards Sallatunturi. Kaunisharju parking area is also a starting point for Aihkipetsi Circle Trail.

    • Services: Ruuhitunturi ski café (open during early spring), Aihkipetsi day-trip hut, Paltsarikumpu lean-to shelter, Hevosoja lean-to shelter, Hanhilampi lean-to shelter, Kolmiloukkonen lean-to shelter (at the west end of the lake).

Other Trails

  • Kolmiloukkonen, 0.5 km. From Kaunisharju parking area there is a short trail which leads to Lake Kolmiloukkonen. The beautiful lake is located at Kaunisharju Ridge in the Aatsinki - Onkamo Natura 2000 Site and there are two lean-to shelters on its shore. This is a destination which is excellent for families with children. There is a signpost at Kaunisharju parking area directing visitors to the trail leading to Lake Kolmiloukkonen. The trail is clearly visible in the terrain.

    • Services: a lean-to shelter on the east side of the lake (about 0.3 km from the parking area) and a lean-to shelter on the west side of the lake (about 0.5 km from the parking area).

  • Salmijoki Ravine Trail, 18 km. Good starting points for this trail are either on the forest road which leads to Salmijoki Ravine or from the side of road 83 (Salla - Kemijärvi). From there the beginning of the trail leads across privately owned lands along a road. The trail which is marked with blue signs continues then as a trail to the Peuratunturi Natura 2000 Site and Salmijoki Ravine, where visitors can admire old-growth forests and the rugged ravine through which the River Salmijoki flows. From the ravine the trail continues through easy to travel ridge side forest between small lakes to Lake Kalliojärvi which is located in a narrow ravine. From Lake Kalliojärvi the trail continues across private-owned lands towards the Sallatunturi heathland forests crossing small mires and following the banks of the River Ruuhijoki.

 A person sitting in front of a lean-to shelter on a cooking area bench. There's a river flowing next to the place with rocky rapids and a wooden bridge over the rapids.

  • UKK Hiking Trail Hautajärvi - Kelloselkä, Hanhikangas, 75 km. The national hiking route UKK leads across the Salla area. The trail is marked with red plywood plaques. Hikers can get onto the route at several places and visitors can either choose smaller sections of the route or combine several sections for hikes lasting many days.

  • Salla - Pyhätunturi Fells. There are routes from the centre of Salla Village along which visitors can get onto trails in the Sallatunturi Area during summer and winter. The location of these routes can be seen on the maps available on the municipality of Salla website (salla.fi, in Finnish).

Cross-country Skiing Trails

  • There is a cross-country ski trail network exceeding 100 km of trails in the Sallatunturi Area. Of these 80 km are maintained and the rest are wilderness ski trails. 35 km of the maintained trails are lit. The area's ski trails vary in level of demand and there are trails for classical as well as free-style cross-country skiing. Some of the area's ski trails follow the same routes as summer hiking trails. The area's ski trails are maintained by Salla's latupooli Association and the Sallatunturi Tuvat Enterprise.

    • Services:

      • There are many good resting spots along the area's ski trails such as lean-to shelters, the Kalliolampi and Aihkipetsi day-trip huts as well as the ski café at Ruuhitunturi, which is open in early spring.

      • Information on the area's ski trails as well as a map of them can be found on the municipality of Salla website (salla.fi, in Finnish).

Snowmobile Trails and Tracks

Winter landscape, snowy spruces. In the midst of the trees you can see snowmobiles and a kota-hut with an open door with a fire visible.