Riisitunturi National Park is located about 20 km, about 60 km from Kuusamo and about 35 km from Rukatunturi. The nearest villages are Tolva, Suonnankylä and Keski-Kitka.

Map of the Surroundings of Riisitunturi National Park


By Car

  • From Kuusamo, it is about 54 km to the National Park. Drive north on road 5 (E63) towards Kemijärvi for about 31 km. About 7 km after the fork of the road going to Ruka, turn left onto the road going to Kitka. There are signs to the National Park before the fork of the road. Drive on road 9471 (Kitka - Patoniemi) for about 11 km, and then turn to Tolva, which is about 9 km away.
    • Riisitunturi starting point is along Tolva road (Syrjälahti), about 6 km from Tolva Village. Google maps -location.
    • Kirintövaara starting point is along road 81 (Kuusamo - Posio - Rovaniemi).
  • The distance between Posio and Riisitunturi is about 30 km. From Posio, drive towards Kuusamo for about 15 km and turn left onto the road 9471.
    • From the fork of the road, it is about 19 km to Riisitunturi starting point. Google maps -location.
    • To Kirintövaara starting point, drive 11 km from Posio, and turn left towards Kirintövaara.
  • From Rukatunturi / Ruka area it is 35 km drive to Riisitunturi National Park. Drive to road 5 (nro 5 / E63) towards Kemijärvi (north) 6.5 km, turn to left Alakitkantie road and drive about 12 km. After that turn left to Tolvantie road (nro 3471). Drive about 13 km and turn to a forest road and drive 1.2 km to the parking area of the nationa park. There are national park's traffic signs near the crossroad. Google maps -location.

By Public Transportation

  • The nearest airport (www.finnair.com) is in the town of Kuusamo.
  • The nearest railway station is at Kemijärvi, about 130 km from the National Park. By train (www.vr.fi) you can get to Kemijärvi, Rovaniemi and Oulu.
  • There are daily coach connections (www.matkahuolto.fi) from Rovaniemi and Kuusamo to Posio. The coach service between Posio and Kuusamo stops closest to the National Park.

Starting Points for Excursions

  • The parking areas are located at Riisitunturi and Kirintövaara starting points. Kirintövaara starting point is nearby Hotel Kirintö.
  • Starting Points for Trails


Electronic Maps

Map of Riisitunturi National Park. © Metsähallitus 2015

Other Maps

  • Terrain map T513 Ala-Kitka, 1:50 000. Maps are sold by Karttakeskus, the National Land Survey of Finland and well-stocked bookshops.
  • Posio, The Magic of Lapland, Tourism Map, 1:100 000. Posion matkailuyhdistys (Tourist Association) 2012.
  • Peruskarttalehdet: Base maps 3533 04, 3633 07, 3633 08, 4611 04 and 4611 05, 1:20 000. Maps are sold by Karttakeskus, the National Land Survey of Finland and well-stocked bookshops.
  • Outdoor GT Northern Finland, 2016, 1:400 000. Map is sold by Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookstores.
  • Kuusamo Waterproof Outdoor Map, 1:100 000, Karttakeskus 2017. The map is sold by Oulanka Visitor Centre and Kuusamo Customer Service Karhuntassu, Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookstores.

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Destination Brochure

Riisitunturin National Park brochure

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Self-guided Tour: "Kuusamo's Renowned National Parks"

Self-guided Tour: "Kuusamo's Renowned National Parks"
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