Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church

Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church´s location in FinlandNorthern Lapland
Inari (www.inari.fi)
Inari Hiking Area
The management of the Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church is the responsibility of the Inari parish and the hiking structures in the destination are managed by Metsähallitus.

Pielpajärvi is the old centre of Inari. In former times, there was a winter village of Inari by the shore of this wilderness lake where people gathered to stay for the winter months. The church, built in the winter village in 1760, is one of the oldest buildings in northern Lapland. The reddish church stands on a stone field lined by a beautiful birch wood. A natural-state meadow now grows on the church grounds.

The wooden wilderness church of Pielpajärvi is the second church in this very spot. All the remains of the first church, which was completed in 1646, have disappeared, and only the decaying foundations of a few buildings are left from the winter village. The Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church and the nearby areas form a nationally valuable cultural heritage area. It has also been classified as a regionally valuable landscape area.

Opening Times

  • The Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church can be visited throughout the year.
  • Entrance to the church is free.

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Directions and Maps Pielpajärvi © Metsähallitus 2009

  • Information on directions to the Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church is available on the Inari Hiking Area's webpages.
  • There is a trail to the church starting from the Sarviniementie parking area, which is located three kilometres northeast of the Siida Northern Lapland Nature Centre. It is a just under five-kilometre walk from the trail's starting point to the church. The signposted trail takes in forest ponds and lakes in the handsome old-growth forest.

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  • The Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church is a destination for independent hikers.
  • There is a day trip hut and a campfire site in the area.

Services for the Disabled

  • There are no services for the disabled in the area.

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