Peura Trail

The one-way Peura trunk trail is under construction and is not recommended for hiking at the moment. Hirvaan kierros circle trail is recommended for hiking.

The location of Peura Trail in FinlandWestern Finland, Oulu Region, Central Finland, Central Ostrobothnia and North Ostrobothnia
Kivijärvi (, in Finnish), Kinnula (, in Finnish), Perho (, in Finnish), Lestijärvi (, in Finnish) and Reisjärvi (, in Finnish)
Salamajärvi National Park, Lehtosenjärvi Nature Reserve (, in Finnish), Vuorenkangas Nature Reserve, Etelä-Sydänmaa Nature Reserve (, in Finnish)

Peura Trail's 115 km long route travels in Northern Ostrobothnia and Central Finland across the rugged Suomenselkä watershed area. The landscapes along the trail include mires, forests and lakes. These have remained as sparsely inhabited backwoods to this day. The area's nature is closest to its natural state within Salamajärvi National Park, Salamanperä Strict Nature Reserve and Etelä-Sydänmaa Nature Reserve.

Peura Trail for the most part travels across state-owned lands.  As there are numerous rest points and places to stay overnight the trail offers versatile hiking possibilities from short day-trips to long treks. The route for Peura Trail is made up of a 77 km long one-way trunk trail as well as a 58 km long Hirvaan kierros circle trail and 15 km long Mäntyjärvi circle trail. The trunk trail is in poor condition at the moment except the parts located in the Salamajärvi national park.

The route can be hiked when the ground is not frozen. During spring floods some of the area's duckboards may be submerged in water. During winter the route can be skied but it is not a maintained ski trail. The trail is marked with painted marks on tree trunks, but during winter the markings may be covered by frost.

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