What´s Currently Happening in Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola

Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola hibernates like bears

(Updated 20.10.2020)
Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola follows the example of bears and has set to winter hibernation. The visitor centre will be opened again in May 2021.  

Guided tours for groups are arranged by previous appointment, taking into consideration the corona situation. 

While Petola is closed, we serve you by phone +358 206 39 6380 and by e-mail petola@metsa.fi. 

Friendship Park has a new logo

(Updated 21.2.2020) 
For its 30th anniversary, the Friendship Park has got a new fresh logo. The Finnish and Russian titles of the logo tell about the international cooperation in the field of nature conservation in the Friendship Nature Reserve. It was originally established to cover the habitats of the wild forest reindeer. Therefore it obvious that it also has the main role in the logo. 

Read more about the Friendship Park and Friendship Nature Reserve and about the wild forest reindeer (suomenpeura.fi).

Hiidenportti National Park welcomes you also in winter 

(Updated 20.10.2020) 
Reaching Hiidenportti National Park is a lot easier also in winter time now that the road Hiidenportintie leading to the main information point of the national park will be ploughed also this winter. 

However, you should be aware of sudden snow falls. It will take time before the ploughers get to these remote roads.

Suurpedot.fi leads to the world of large carnivores

A wide range of information on large carnivores is provided on site suurpedot.fi. The site is available in Finnish, English and Swedish.

Wild Forest Reindeer has a New Internet Site

The pages suomenpeura.fi provide a comprehensive way to explore questions about wild forest reindeer and their species. The site is available in Finnish, English and Russian.

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