Korteniemi Smoke Sauna

The old smoke sauna is suitable both small and big visitor groups. The sauna will be rented and heated for request from spring to autumn. Welcome to experience the atmosphere of the 1910s sauna.
Two brown-spotted cows on a pasture surrounded by a rail fence. In the background, there is a grey, wooden smoke sauna with a lake behind it.


Korteniemi smoke sauna is located at the yard of Korteniemi Heritage Farm, by the shore of Liesjärvi Lake. Smoke sauna can be rented for a group within the opening hours of the heritage farm. The sauna has capacity for 8-10 persons at once.


Southern Finland, Kanta-Häme region, municipality of Tammela, Liesjärvi National Park
Address: Korteniementie 270, 31350 Liesjärvi
Coordinates WGS84 lat: 60.65299 lon: 23.89942

The sauna is located at the yard of Korteniemi Heritage Farm. Cars must be parked at a parking area 200m from the sauna.

Several express buses run daily along Valtatie 2 highway (www.expressbus.com). The nearest bus stop is located at Kyynäräntie crossroads by Valtatie 2 highway, near the entry to Liesjärvi National Park. The route is Kyynäräntie – Kansallispuistontie – Korteniementie. The distance from the bus stop to Korteniemi is about 4 km. 



Terrain map L421, 1:50 000.

Häme Lake Uplands outdoor map 1:55 000, Karttakeskus 2010.

Terrain map sheets, 1:20 000, numbers 2024 11 and 2024 12.


1 - 50 persons
The sauna has capacity for 8 -10 persons at once.


300 €

The price holds the ready, heated smoke sauna and Metsänwartijan tilalla (At the Forest Ranger's yard) guided tour.

Term of lease is same as Korteniemi´´ s open times.


Metsähallitus Customer Service: hame(at)metsa.fi or +358 206 39 4630.


  • There is no electricity in the sauna. Washing can be done outdoors or under the sauna benches.
  • There are steep stairs leading to the sauna's loft and benches.
  • The sauna's hall functions as dressing room. There are no separate dressing rooms for women and men.
  • Take your own towel and cover for seat.
  • Prefer biodegradable washing products.
  • Swimming is possible in Liesjärvi Lake, next to the sauna. There is no official beach.
  • There is a dry toilet at the yard.
  • Take care of your own rubbish – there are no trash cans at the heritage farm.


  • There is no electricity in the sauna or in Korteniemi Heritage Farm.
  • Steep stairs lead to the benches in sauna. Be careful.
  • There are no accessible services in the sauna.

Maintenance and Management

Metsähallitus Customer Service: hame(at)metsa.fi or +358 206 39 4630.