Koli Ryynänen Luhtiaitat (Granaries), Rental Hut

Rental Hut, May - October. There are beds in 6 seperate rooms for a total of 24+8 persons (1 x 6 persons, 4 x 4+2 persons and 1 x 2 persons).  


Tel. int. +358 44 569 5757. E-mail: holidayfinland(at)gmail.com. Terms of reservation for the Koli Ryynänen rental hut.

Koli Ryynänen Luhtiaitat. Photo: Auvo Sapattinen

Kolin Ryynänen is a charming cluster of log buildings, where the main building is an old barn which has been renovated to include lodging quarters, a sauna and Kolin Kotiseutumuseo, the local arts-and-crafts museum. There is a campfire spot on the grounds. A trail leads from the grounds at Kolin Ryynänen to Koli National Park and Herajärven kierros Trail, additionally during winter visitors can access the Koli ski trails from here. There is also an international studio apartment for artists at Kolin Ryynänen.


Eastern Finland, North Karelia Region, Municipality of Lieksa, Koli National Park

A culture centre that works in cooperation with Koli National Park is situated in the centre of Koli Village, 3 km from Ukko-Koli and 9 km from main road 6. 
Visitors can travel by coach from Joensuu to Ukko-Koli.

Alternately visitors can get from Joensuu to Koli in a group taxi. The extremely convenient taxi service between Koli - Joensuu - Koli transports visitors from door to door (For example: from Joensuu railroad station and airport to Koli) at near the price of public transport. The taxi should be reserved 24 hrs in advance from tel. int. +358 100 9986. More information (www.koli.fi)

Koli Ryynänen, coordinates: Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat: 63° 6.797' lon: 29° 46.641' ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 7001241 E: 640102


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Outdoor and servicemap of Koli 1:20 000 / 1:50 000
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Granary room for 2 persons 50 €/night, for 4 persons 60 €/night, for 6 persons 70 €/night.
A dorm room for 4-6 persons 10 €/person
 (A dorm room is a room shared by several people who are possibly unknown to each other).
Group: 7-16 persons 15 €/person. 17-30 persons 10 €/persons.

Services reserved in advance:
Breakfast in café 9 €/person. Breakfast in refrigerator 7  €/person. Linens 8 €/person.
Sauna 5 €/person (Wood heated sauna on the stream bank. The sauna does not have running water. Washing water must be carried to the sauna manually.)
Sauna heating -service 50 €, including 3 hours of bathing time. Must be reserved in advance.

All prizes incl. VAT 10%.



Mattress, pillow, blanket. Shared kitchen, shower and toilet in the main building. Wood heated sauna on the stream bank. The sauna does not have running water. Washing water must be carried to the sauna. Visitors can reserve breakfast and other meals in advance.

Pets are permitted in the granaries. Please announce beforehand.

Safety on hiking