The Koitajoki Area is located on the east side of main road 73 (Joensuu - Lieksa - Nurmes). From Ilomantsi town centre it is approximately 50 km to Polvikoski which is in the centre of the Koitajoki Area. Ilomantsi is 72 km from the town of Joensuu and 102 km from the town of Lieksa.

Map of Koitajoki directions

By Car

Koitajoki can be approached along the road 522 (Ilomantsi - Lieksa). Signposts directing visitors to Koitajoki are being put up along road 522.

  • When approaching the southern part of the area, Lakonkangas
    • Turn off road 522 onto Niemijärventie Road. From the village of Niemijärvi continue onward for 2 km to Lakonkangas. From road 522 it is 15 km to the village of Niemijärvi.
  • When approaching the middle part of the area, Polvikoski
    • Turn off road 522 at the village of Hattuvaara onto Polvikoskentie Road. Drive for about 4 km and turn left in the direction of Polvikoski. Then drive for about 5.5 km until you reach Polvikoski.
  • When approaching the northern part of the area, the Hoikantie and Pirtupolku parking areas.
    • Turn off road 522 onto Hoikantie Road. From this intersection it is about 5.5 km to Hoikantie parking area. Continue along Hoikantie Road from the parking area for 1.5 km at which point you will reach an intersection. Turn right onto Pirtupolku Road. Pirtupolku parking area is about 1.5 km from this intersection.
  • The Polvikoski - Juurikkasuo Road is to be closed from all motorised vehicles. After this the road can only be travelled on foot and at points by bicycle.

By Public Transportation

There is no form of public transport that travels to Koitajoki. The closest coach connection ( travels on school days from Ilomantsi to Hattuvaara, which is 10 km from Polvikoski. There are daily coaches from Joensuu to Ilomantsi.

Starting Points for Excursions

  • The Lakonkangas and Hoikantie parking areas are both good starting points for Tapion taival Trail.
  • From the road leading to Koidanvaara lean-to shelter there is a track to the river along which visitors can drag their canoes.
  • Trail starting points


Electronic Maps

Map of Koitajoki

Other Maps

  • Terrain map P612, 1:50 000. The map is sold by the National Land Survey of Finland and Karttakeskus.
  • Karjalan kierros Hiking Route travel map, Ilomantsi/1, 1:100 000. The map is sold by Karelia Expert.
  • Koitajoki water travel map, Aarniseikkailujen Koitajoki, 1:30 000. The map is sold by Karelia Expert.
  • Terrain maps 4244 12 + 5222 03, and 4333 07, 10 + 5311 01, 1:20 000. The map is sold by the National Land Survey of Finland, by Karttakeskus and by well-stocked bookstores.
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  • GT tiekartta Itä-Suomi: GT Roadmap Finland East, 2010, 1:250 000. The maps are sold by Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookstores.
  • Forest map 5-8, 1:250 000. The map is sold by Ruunaa Visitor Centre.

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