Koitajoki Area

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Location of Koitajoki Area in FinlandEastern Finland, Region of North Karelia
Municipality of Ilomantsi (www.ilomantsi.fi, in Finnish)
Area: 74 sq.km.
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.

The Koitajoki Area is an ideal outdoor recreation destination. Its backwoods offer a trail environment to recharge your batteries in. The area also has an interesting history. In earlier times it has been home to forest rangers and their families as well loggers. These days hikers can choose to stay overnight at any of the area's three open wilderness huts, which are all old logger's cabins.

The calm River Koitajoki with its small rapids flows through the area. The river winds and twists through the terrain making for a fascinating canoe trip. The old-growth forests in Jokivarsi and Koivusuo Strict Nature Reserve offer a habitat for many demanding forest species.

The River Koitajoki is long and travels at points on the Russian side of the border. Indeed 740 hectares of the southeast section of the nature reserve is in the border zone and 3.4 km of the national border is in the nature reserve. The most eastern point of the EU is a short distance from Koitajoki.

The Koitajoki Area consists of Ruosmesuo - Hanhisuo Mire Reserve and Koivusuo Strict Nature Reserve as well as the area between them which the River Koitajoki travels through. The Koitajoki Nature Reserve like Patvinsuo National Park and Petkeljärvi National Park is one of the areas that make up the North Karelia biosphere reserve which was established by UNESCO in 1992.

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