Kevo Trail

Kevo Trail is extremely demanding and at parts difficult to travel. There are large differences in altitude along the trail as it alternately travels on open fell tops and the bottom of Kevo Canyon. At points the trail is rocky making it difficult to travel and very slippery when it rains. The trail leads very close to the edge of a steep cliff or along steep steps at many points.

Streams in the fells must be crossed by wading. In Kevo Canyon there are signs to wading points for the Rivers Fiellogeađggejohka and Kevojoki. At wading points there are wires across the river with hand grips to help in crossing the waters. When waters are high the current at the wading points can be strong. The route is well-marked and the trail is clear in the terrain. Even so it is always essential to have a map and compass with when hiking. You should reserve 3 to 5 days for hiking Kevo Trail. The trail is not suited for the disabled.

Kuivi Trail

Kuivi Trail is moderately demanding and travels mainly in the fell area. The trail is well-marked, but is rocky at points. There are some demanding ascents along the route as well as a couple of rivers to cross by wading. You should reserve 4 to 7 days for hiking Kuivi Trail.