Films at the Kalajoki Visitor Centre Meeting room

There are differences in the epidemic situation between regions in Finland. Some Nature Centres may have to close. Check the current situation on the webpage of the Destination or Nature Centre you are planning to visit.

Upon request, the following presentations are shown in the Visitor Centre´s meeting room. The presentations are free of charge.

  • Shores affected by land uplift under change (10 min.)
    • Audio: Finnish, Swedish and English.
    • A film on the impact of land uplift on the coast of the Bothnian Bay.
  • The  Incredible Baltic Sea (10 min.)
    • Audio: Finnish, Swedish and English.
    • Our unique sea is the largest basin of brackish water in the world.
  • Vattajan Dyyni -Life  (Vattaja dune LIFE) (20 min.)
    • Audio: Finnish.
    • A film about the widest unbroken dune area in the Gulf of Bothnia, which is an important Natura area and a military exercise and artillery practice area for the Finnish Defence Forces.