Films at the Kalajoki Visitor Centre Meeting room

Upon request, the following presentations are shown in the Visitor Centre´s meeting room. The presentations are free of charge.

  • Shores affected by land uplift under change (10 min.)
    • Audio: Finnish, Swedish and English.
    • A film on the impact of land uplift on the coast of the Bothnian Bay.
  • The  Incredible Baltic Sea (10 min.)
    • Audio: Finnish, Swedish and English.
    • Our unique sea is the largest basin of brackish water in the world.
  • Vattajan Dyyni -Life  (Vattaja dune LIFE) (20 min.)
    • Audio: Finnish.
    • A film about the widest unbroken dune area in the Gulf of Bothnia, which is an important Natura area and a military exercise and artillery practice area for the Finnish Defence Forces.