What's currently happening in Iso-Syöte National Hiking Area

The Visitor Centre staff is on a Christmas holiday until 27.12.

(Updated 22.12.)

Winter trails in Syöte National Park has been maintaned to Annintupa, Välitupa, Ahmatupa and Toraslampi open wilderness hut. Pleace notice that snowshoe trails Teerivaara, Vattukuru and Kellarilampi hasn't been marked yet. When setting off for a winter excursion, even a short one, take a spare set of clothes, food, hot drinks, as well as a map and a compass with you.


The Hotel Iso-Syöte has been partly destroyed due to the fire that happened last night

(Updated 21 December 2018)

The news is shocking, but the main thing is that no one got hurt in the event. The situation at Syöte has been handled in good spirits and everyone is empathizing the hotel’s condition.

More guests are however arriving to the area for the Christmas time and life at Syöte does not pause. The Visitor Centre is receiving visitors during the Holidays at following hours:
22 December at 10 am - 4 pm
23 to 26 December closed
27 to 31 December at 10 am to 4 pm
1 January closed
2 to 5 January at 10 am to 4 pm.