Hyypiö Rental Hut

Rental Hut, for 4 persons, 40 m², kitchen and main room, sauna in a separate building.


Eräluvat-webshop, Customer Service Number +358 20 69 2424. Terms of reservation for the Hyypiö rental hut. See where to pick up the keys.

Hyypiö Rental Hut. Photo: Outi Mäenpää

Hyypiö rental hut is located by the beautiful Lake Kyynäräjärvi in Liesjärvi National Park.


Southern Finland, Kanta-Häme Region, Municipality of Tammela (www.tammela.fi, in Finnish), Liesjärvi National Park

Hyypiö, coordinates: Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat: 60° 40.8637' lon: 23° 50.4846'  ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 6731410 E: 327500

Hyypiö is located by Lake Kyynäräjärvi in Liesjärvi National Park.
By car: From Highway 2 (Helsinki - Pori), take the Kanteluksentie road (road sign "Liesjärvi 8" at the junction,  no 13 606)). The distance from Forssa to the Kanteluksentie crossroads is 21 km. Drive for roughly 1.5 km along Kanteluksentie, at which point there is a parking area on the right-hand side of the road with a toilet, information board and a sign that reads "Kanteluksentie 211". From the Pirttilahti parking area, there is a roughly 250-metre walk to the Hyypiö Hut.

When there is no snow on the ground, you can drive to the hut yard and park there while you unload your luggage. At other times, you should park at the Pirttilahti parking area roughly 250 from the hut.

By public transportation: several express coaches (www.expressbus.com) travel daily along Highway 2. The nearest bus stop is located on Highway 2 at the Kyynäräntie junction. The distance from the bus stop to Hyypiö is some 3 km.





Hämeen järviylänkö outdoor map (Häme lake uplands) 1:50 000
Terrain map L421, 1:50 000




2018: 80 € / day,  2 pm - 12 am, Midsummer weekend Thu - Sun 320 € (incl. VAT 10 %).

2019: 90 € / day, 2 pm - 12 am, Midsummer weekend Thu - Sun 360 € (incl. VAT 10 %).


Bookings made since 6 June 2018: Keys for the Hyypiö reservable rental hut are available in the key cabinet located in dry toilet in the Hyypiö courtyard. The key cabinet will open with the code that comes with the invoice.

Bookings made after 6 June 2018: The key can be picked up at the Lounasravintola Loukku cafeteria (www.loukku.fi, in Finnish) at Kärköläntie 1613, Nummi-Pusula tel. +35845 612 5464. When collecting the key, you must present the receipt of payment for the rental fee. The key must be returned to its collection point. Please notice opening hours.



The main room of Hyypiö. Photo: Outi MäenpääThe cabin has wood heating. The kitchen has a wood-burning stove and a gas cooker, and there is a heating stove in the main room; the amenities include candle lighting, tableware and cooking utensils. Please note that it takes some time before the hut is properly warm!

There are two bunk beds and a dining set in the main room. The sauna is near the cabin (the distance to the lake is roughly 50 metres). In addition, the yard has a traditional chimneyless smoke sauna (for use on reservation only) as well as a toilet, well, woodshed, campfire site, waste containers (mixed waste, biodegradable, metal and glass), jetty and a boat.


The Harju well located beside the Sauna is also meant for hikers. The water in Harju well doesn't meet the quality requirements set for domestic water, so hikers need to bring their own drinking water (25 May 2018).

The Hyypiö Hut well water is not drinkable.

You can swim in Lake Kyynäräjärvi. There is no official beach.

Please remember to bring your own linen!

The smoke sauna is available on reservation only. The hut caretaker is responsible for heating the smoke sauna. For reservations and queries concerning the smoke sauna contact: Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland, tel int. +358 206 39 4630, hame(at)metsa.fi.

Pets are not permitted in the hut.

The hut is not suited for the disabled.

Safety on hiking

Maintenance and Management

Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland, tel int. +358 206 39 4630.


The sauna of Hyypiö. Photo: Outi Mäenpää
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