Frequently asked questions

Should the booking be paid before the start of the stay?
The booking must be paid before the booking begins and the key or key code can be obtained after payment. This is specified in Metsähallitus' reservation terms and conditions. Please note that orders placed in the online shop will be cancelled automatically unless they are paid by the due date.  

Is hut accommodation safe?
In accommodation, the biggest infection risks are associated with other people. It is therefore important that no one comes to the hut unwell, even with the slightest flu symptoms or during their quarantine. The maintenance of Metsähallitus' huts is region-specific and the parties responsible for the hut maintenance do not come to work if they are ill. Our employees wash their hands often, and we also encourage customers to take extra care of their hand hygiene and when coughing or sneezing.

Hygienic conditions cannot be guaranteed in the huts. Cleaning the hut after use is the responsibility of the customers. We encourage our customers to clean up after staying at the hut, wipe the surfaces and act responsibly in general during the corona period.  

In order to protect against infection, members of risk groups should avoid accommodation in huts.

Huts are open normally. Metsähallitus closely monitors the development of the disease.

Will my reservation be cancelled if I do not pay for it by the due date?
All reservations must be paid for by the due date. If you forget to pay a booking made via the online shop, the booking will be cancelled after the due date. The payment must therefore be made no later than on the due date.  

I’m worried about the pandemic and wish to cancel my hut reservation
Cancelling a hut booking is the customer's responsibility. For the cancellation of reservations, Metsähallitus’ current reservation and cancellation terms are in force. Metsähallitus reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions. 

While I'm staying at the hut, it turns out one of the other customers has become infected with the corona virus
Contact the nearest customer service point and tell them about the situation. Return to the starting point of your journey and contact your local health care provider. In some areas, regional rescue services may be congested, so attention should also be paid to this when planning the journey. If the patient needs help quickly, call the emergency number 112.

Can I use drinking water from the well?
Wells at huts are tested according to normal regulations. No particular corona time tests have been performed. However, it is possible to take drinking water from wells. Be sure to follow the instructions, e.g. wipe the pump handle after use and avoid coughing when retrieving water. If possible, bring the drinking water with you.  

Are the bed clothes changed after each stay?
Metsähallitus is not able to carry out intensified cleaning of huts, and the bed clothing will not be replaced after your stay. It is at the customer's discretion to bring a blanket and pillow to the hut for their stay.