Heretty Loggers' Cabin

Location of Heretty cabin in FinlandWestern Finland, Central Finland Region
Municipality of Kuhmoinen (, in Finnish)
Isojärvi National Park
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.

Heretty cabin, situated in Isojärvi National Park, was built during the winter of 1946 - 1947 as a base for forestry work, where forestry site workers could stay. Today visitors can learn about the history of forestry in the area through a photography exhibit on the topic housed at the cabin.

Heretty cabin was originally built for one logging venture, but was used by loggers for more than 20 years. During the busiest times in the 1950s there were close to forty men lodging there.

Heretty cabin in 1950s. Photo: Archives of Pekka Repo

The Heretty cabin estate, meaning the cabin, its grounds and surrounding structures, was one of the first places where occupational health and safety reforms, which were implemented into law in 1947, were taken into account: it has a room for drying equipment and clothing, vestibules and separate quarters for the hostess. The cabin was intended for 24 workmen, who slept in bunk beds in a large shared room. In the centre of the cabin there was a kitchen and the hostess' quarters and at the other end the cabin a sleeping quarters for management, with an office attached.

There is a serving window from the kitchen into the large sleeping quarters. The division of space was very typical and emphasised the division of labour: there were no connecting doorways between the living areas, but rather each group had their own entrances. The men had no business entering the hostess' quarters, she had to allowed to work in peace.

Photo: Maarit Kyöstilä

Heretty cabin was primarily intended for horsemen. Men arrived with their horses from Satakunta, Ostrobothnia and Northern Karelia to transport timber from the forest during winter. The shape of horse sleighs designed in Ostrobothnia was not suitable for the hilly Kuhmo landscape and some of these men and horses had to return to the flatter lands.

Also lumber jacks lodged at Heretty cabin and after the war there were many travelling lumberjacks on the move. These men did not stay for long at any one logging site and no one knew where their homes were. The winter of 1967 was the last time that so many men came to the logging site that a hostess was employed at cabin. The last workmen left Heretty at the start of the 1970s. The forest workers law changed again in 1967 to state that workers were entitled to travel expense reimbursements and thus as mopeds and cars became more common men lived at home when they worked. Heretty has been restored into a museum and it is the main guidance point in Isojärvi National Park during summer. The Heretty buildings have also been preserved by law because they examples of a typical cabin estate from when large logging operations were underway and has endured the test of time.

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Heretty cabin is open to the public when the summer cafe is open.

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Heretty is the central guidance point for Isojärvi National Park. During summer there is a cafe where you can also rent a room, sauna or row boat.

Photo: Maija Mikkola

Heretty grounds

In addition to the cabin the grounds contain other buildings which were needed at a loggers' cabin. A stable, a sauna as well as a firewood shelter, a well and outdoor toilet were all built in 1946. The pine cone drying rack was constructed at the beginning of the 1950s. A national park info shelter was added to the end of the firewood shelter in 1985 when basic repairs were carried out at Heretty.

The cabin is located by the side of a road and in past times there were good public transport connections to the cabin. Heretty was for the most part used by horsemen; men and horses came from near and far to transport timber from the forest during winter. It was a busy time for the country-side and people living there, and the cabin and its lumberjacks added their own spice to the mix. The plant nursery, which was situated just a few kilometres from the cabin offered work for local women as well. At the time the cabin was just built, its grounds were more open and spacious.


The majority of Isojärvi National Park's hiking trails have their starting point at Heretty cabin.

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Heretty Loggers' Cabin. Photo: Maija Mikkola.

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