Starting Points for Excursions

Three hikers underneath signposts in an autumnal landscape. The three signposts say: 0.6 Purolanaho, Mäkrä 1.4 and Ryläys.

We recommend taking the Herajärvi Trail as a circular trail. You can choose the walking direction as you prefer. The recommended starting and finishing points are:

Trail Markings 

  • The trail is signposted and marked with blue paint dots.

Trail Sections

Northern Herajärvi Trail 35 km 

  • Koli Nature Centre Ukko - Ryläys parking area 6.2 km 
  • Ryläyksen pysäköintialue - Kiviniemi 12.6 km 
  • Kiviniemi - Lakkala 4 km 
  • Lakkala - Havukanaho 7.1 km 
  • Havukanaho - Koli Nature Centre Ukko 5.6 km 

Southern Herajärvi Trail 30 km

  • Kiviniemi - Lakkala 4 km 
  • Lakkala - Rykiniemi 5.8 km 
  • Rykiniemi - Suopelto 5.2 km 
  • Suopelto - Eteläpää 7.1 km 
  • Eteläpää - Kiviniemi 8.8 km 

Connecting Trails

Hiking Trails

  • The E10, a European long-distance hiking trail, runs through Koli National Park. The UKK Trail between Koli and Vuokatti runs from Ukko-Koli Hill to the north. All of Koli National Park's main trails connect to the Karelian Circuit trail network (

Canoeing Routes 

Biking Trails 

Riding Trails 

  • Paimentupa farm organises riding excursions in Koli National Park and the nearby areas.

Cross-country Skiing Trails 

Snowshoe Walking Trails