Nature Spotting

See the uniqueness of the fell nature, listen to the sounds of the forest, feel the wind blowing and breathe the purest air in the world.

Sit down on a rock or a bench. Be still and listen to the sounds of nature.

What message does the wind bring and what does the forest whisper in your ear?
What does silence sound like?

Feel things. What does soft snow or moss feel like?

Hug a tree and feel its bark. What does wind feel like?

Stop for a moment and smell the pure air around you.

Feel the smell of trees and plants.

Find a comfortable spot. Lie down for a moment and watch the clouds. What
kind of shapes can you see in clouds?

See if you can find any animals or their tracks. Recognise the beauty of the fell nature.


Post your nature observations on social media!

You can post an image of a beautiful flower or an interesting terrain contour, or even of you hugging a tree. Be creative. 

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