Vallisaari Directions and Maps

Prohibitions in landing and moving on the island during the time periods 30.9.-4.10. and 7.-11.10.Prohibitions are set due to construction-related demolition of old explosives and the required safety distances.

Map of Vallisaari. © Metsähallitus 2016


  • Address of the islands: Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari, FI-00860 Helsinki.
    • Google Maps (
    • WGS 84 lat: 60.136678 lon: 25.009579
  • Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari are managed by Metsähallitus.
    • Telephone: +358 20 639 4729
    • E-mail: haltia(at)

Directions and Maps

Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari are located in Helsinki, next to the Suomenlinna sea fortress, 20 minutes by boat from the Market Square. A water bus will take you to Vallisaari, from where you can walk over to Kuninkaansaari along a neck of land, much like a breakwater. Before visiting Vallisaari, please familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations that apply to the area.

Departure from Vallisaari. Photo: Jukka-Pekka Ronkainen

By Water Bus

  • JT-Line operates water bus service between the Market Square and the Vallisaari main jetty from May to September:
    • Every day from 1 May to 30 September 2019
    • For the water bus schedule and fares, consult (
    • The water bus service operated by JT-Line leaves for Vallisaari from the Market Square. On its way back from Vallisaari to the Market Square, the water bus travels via Tykistölahti bay in Suomenlinna. If you wish, you can disembark at Suomenlinna, and take a later connection from Suomenlinna to the Market Square.
    • The last connection of the night from Vallisaari to the Market Square may be crowded. However, everybody who arrives in time on the jetty will get transport to the mainland.
  • JT-Line operates water bus service between Hakaniemi and the Vallisaari main jetty
  • Suomen Saaristokuljetus operates between the Market Square and Vallisaari (Torpedolahti)
    • Spring (4.5.-16.6.2019) on Saturdays and Sundays.
    • Every day from 21 June to 11 August 2019.
    • Later in the Summer and early Autumn (17.8.-29.9.2019) Aavalines operates on Saturdays and Sundays.
    • For the water bus schedule and fares, consult (, in Finnish)
  • PLEASE NOTE: While municipal engineering works are in progress, Vallisaari will be closed to the public on weekdays (MON-FRI) between 19 August and 6 September 2019. During this period, JT-Line and Suomen Saaristokuljetus will only operate a weekend water bus service to Vallisaari on SAT–SUN 24-25 August and SAT–SUN 31 August–1 September (according to the valid timetable).

By Own Boat

  • The excursion harbour subject to a charge in Vallisaari is located in Torpedolahti bay. Overnight stays are permitted in the excursion harbour, the cost is EUR 15. A day time stay, a five-hour visit costs EUR 7.
    The excursion harbour and the Harbour café can be reached by telephone on +358 40 755 1130
    • Location: WGS 84 lat: 63.66727 lon: 25.01025
    • Nautical charts series A and B; shoreline map 18; port map 191.
    • Depth of fairway : 3 metres.
    • Number of berths: 48.
    • Buoy and boom mooring.
  • Kayakers can land in the Torpedolahti excursion harbour or at the Vallisaari main jetty, in addition to the sandy coves located next to the Luotsitalo pilot house.
    • The location of the Torpedolahti sand cove: WGS 84 lat: 60.13766 lon: 25.00998
    • The location of the Luotsitalo sand cove: WGS 84 lat: 63.66727 lon: 25.00720
  • Entering the restricted area in southern Vallisaari and landing there is prohibited under threat of penalty.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Vallisaari will be open daily until 18 August and between 7 and 30 September. Between 19 August and 6 September, Vallisaari and its services will be closed on weekdays but open at the weekends of 24–25 August and 31 August–1 September. On the weekdays, excavation work will be carried out on the island, including the clearance of old explosives found in the soil. For safety reasons, landing on and accessing the island while this work is in progress will be prohibited. 

By Taxi Boat

  • Taxi boats are available by advance booking for small groups.


Destination Brochure

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