Riisitunturi National Park

The road to Riisitunturi National Park’s starting place is now closed due to warm weather and early spring. Please, leave your car by Tolvantie road parking area.

Maintaining the skiing trail Riisin rykäsy is now stopped on this winter.

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Winter hikers in Riisitunturi. Photo: Minna Koramo.

The Emblem of Riisitunturi National Park - Hawk Owl and crown snow topped spruce branchesHumid climatic conditions contribute to Riisitunturi's natural beauty. The park has some of the finest sloping bogs anywhere in Europe. In winter the spruce trees that cover many of Riisitunturi National Park's hillsides are clad with a thick coating of condensed frost, creating a photogenic white forest. Enticing trails suitable for day-trips or longer treks welcome hikers in summer and snowshoe trekkers in winter.

Suitability: Suitable for people of all ages and beginners as well. A good destination for cross-country skiers, snowshoers, trekkers, bird watchers and photographers.