What's Currently Happening in Repovesi National Park

Construction work on Lapinsalmi Bridge has begun and it will cause some noise. Outsiders are forbidden from entering the bridge worksite. Fox ferry is operating normally.

Construction work on Lapinsalmi Bridge has begun in Repovesi National Park

(Updated 23. August 2019)

A new steel-frame pyon bridge is currently under construction at Lapinsalmi. The deck of the bridge will be made of wood. The worksite area has been marked off with warning line and fences, and outsiders are forbidden from entering the bridge worksite. The bridge modules will be transported to Lapinsalmi by tractor and all-terrain vehicle. A temporary suspension bridge will also be built at the worksite. This will be used to transport material from one side of Kapiavesi to the other. A representative of the contractor will always be on site to warn hikers when material transports are in progress on the ground or above water. the expected completion date for the bridge is early October. The construction work will cause some noise, which should be taken into consideration if you plan to hike in the Lapinsalmi area. The new Lapinsalmi Bridge will cross Kapiavesi at a height of 10 metres and it will be 50 metres long. 

The Fox Ferry is operating normally. The Repovesi trails are easily accessible from the Saarijärvi and Tervajärvi parking areas as well.


Improvement work has been done on the trail between Katajajärvi campfire site and Kuutinkanava

(Updated 1. August 2019)

The work to improve the trail between Katajajärvi campfire site and Kuutinkanava Canal has been done with gravel. The improvement work is part of a project Retkelle Repovedelle to secure the sustainable use of the area for the growing number of visitors. The project has received financial support from The Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland via The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Southeast Finland. The project is expected to last two years. 

Dear boaters and other lake users

(Updated 18 June 2019)
Please bear in mind that there are several privately owned summer cottages in and nearby Repovesi National Park. If possible, keep a distance of least 50 metres from the beaches belonging to these summer cottages. This way everyone can enjoy the magnificent views of the lake in peace.

In the map, the private beaches belonging to summer cottages have been marked in red. Map (pdf, 2430 kB, julkaisut.metsa.fi)

Private properties

New docks in Lapinsalmi and Kuutinkanava

(Updated 18. July 2019)

New canoe docks have been installed in Lapinsalmi at the end of a rescue route and in the shore of the fire place. New ship and canoe docks are also in Kuutinkanava next to the fire place of Kuutinlahti. The project has received financial support from the Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland via The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Southeast Finland. The project is expected to last two years.

Alteration work at Repovesi-Mäntyharju trail - please be careful!

(Updated 27. June 2019)

Alteration and improvement work is being done in some places along the Reporeitti trail (Repovesi-Mäntyharju trail). We recommend that hikers follow the old trail, which is marked by signs using blue paint and arrows. The new stretches of the trail are not ready and they are not marked as yet. Due to the improvement work some stretches of the odl trail are difficult to walk or bike. You might havet to walk the bike at some places. Also watch out for the heavy equipment working on the trail. More information about the trail. (www.mantyharju-repovesi.com)

Be careful when walking on old duckboards

(Updated 25. June 2019)

Hikers should walk very carefully on the duckboards. Most of the 15-20 year old wooden duckboards in the park are quite worn out and partially rotten, namely along the Talas-Kuutinkanava trail, Katajavuori trail, Mustalampi shore patr and in Kirnuhuoko. There are also other stretches with rough duckboards elsewhere in the area. We are planning to renew them over the next two years.

How to use the non-composting toilets

(Updated 25. June 2019)

In Repovesi national park there are currently non-composting toilets, which don't have to be emptied so frequently and the content is used for soil improvement. Visitors should bear in mind two factors so that the toilets will have good ventilation and the smell will be minimized:

1) Please, close the toilet lid when you leave

2) Don't put anything else than toilet paper in the toilet, not even biodegradable waste

Lighting campfires is forbidden during forest and grass fire warning 

(updated 25. June 2019)

During forest and grass fire warning fire setting is allowed only in covered camp-fire places with a flue and in the fireplaces of the huts with extra caution. Cooking shelters in Lapinsalmi and Kuutinkanava are open for everyone and fire setting is allowed there. Check the warnings. (www.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi)

Take the bus from Kouvola to Lapinsalmi entrance

(updated 24. June 2019)

The bus to Repovesi and Verla (UNESCO World Heritage Site) leaves from the travel centre (Hallituskatu 3) and returns there. Payments only in cash (adults 5 € and children 2,5 €). Debit cards are not accepted. In the bus is room for three bicycles. Reservations for the bicycles in advance are recommended: tel. +358 40 546 6651

Bus timetable is valid 8.6.-29.9.2019 and 26.-27.10.2019

Wells in Repovesi are in use. Water is drinkable in all the wells of the National Park.

(Updated 18. June 2019)
According to research results (2018) water in wells of Repovesi is drinkable and no boiling is required. Water in wells of Määkijä, Lojukoski, Kuutinkanava and Valkjärvi have slight color and odour nuisances. You will find more accurate information on the info boards by the wells. 


ilmatieteenlaitos.fiCheck for Warnings

When forest and grass fire warnings are in effect, fire is only allowed at covered campfire sites that have a flue. A fire can be also lit in fireplaces at wilderness and other huts. Always use extreme caution when handling fire. The one who lights a fire is always responsible for its safe use. Please note, that making fire at these campfire sites can be banned locally. 

Check the current warnings (en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi).

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