Services Offered by Enterprises and Organisations in Repovesi National Park

Construction work on Lapinsalmi Bridge has begun and it will cause some noise. Bridge will be opened in November. Outsiders are forbidden from entering the bridge worksite. Fox ferry is operating normally. Free boat transport to replace Lapinsalmi bridge will continue during the autumn holidays: from Oct 12 to Oct 27, daily from 10am to 5pm.

Following enterprises and organisations offer services in the national park. They have a cooperation agreement with Metsähallitus and they follow the principles of sustainable nature tourism ( when operating in the national park.

Guided Excursions and Nature and Outdoor Activities  

  • Ajatusten polku (
  • Elämyksen Taika (, in Finnish)
    • Guided excursions
    • Program services
  • Erä-Atlas (, in finnish)
    • Guided excursions: hiking, canoeing and snow shoeing
  • Eränen, tel. +358 40 5213821, info.eranen(at)
    • Guided excursions: skiing, hiking, cycling, paddling, tour skating, snow shoeing
  • Erässeikkailija (, in Finnish)
    • Berry and mushroom picking, canoeing, cycling and hiking
  • Finlandia Natur (
    • Guided excursions: hiking, canoeing, cycling, berry picking, mushroom picking, fishing and bird watching
  • Forestful (
    • Guided tours: Snowshoe walking, canoeing, mushroom picking, wild herbs, health and wellbeing
  • Four Seasons Outdoors (
    • Guided excursions: Skiing, canoeing, hiking, snow shoeing trips and thematic tours
  • Kikan Patikat (kikanpatikat(at)
    • Guided excursions
  • KymiSun (
    • Program services for companies and groups
  • Linkkumylly (
    • Guided excursions: bird watching, canoeing, hiking, biking, snow shoeing, berry and mushroom picking and thematic trips
  • Luontoretkeily Markku Sohlman (, in Finnish)
    • Guided excursions: hiking, biking, skiing, snow shoeing and thematic trips
  • Moln Ltd (
    • Canoeing tours
  • Raatamo (
    • Hiking, trail running, theme excursions
  • Repovesikeskus (
    • Theme excursions
  • SeikkailuviiKari (
    • Guided excursions (hiking, snow shoe, canoeing, church boat)
    • Adventure services
  • Teemu ihan pihalla (, in Finnish)
    • Snow shoe walking, hiking and theme excursions
  • Tervarumpu/Repovalkea Oy (
    • Guided excursions
    • Activities
  • Työhyvinvointipalvelu Eira Turkki (, in Finnish)
    • Well-being services, education and training

Equipment Rental  

Food and Catering Services

Transportation Services

  • Erässeikkailija (, in Finnish)
    • Boat transportation
  • Finlandia Natur (
    • Boat and car transportation
  • Kuutin Kolo (, in Finnish)
    • Boat taxis for 5 to 12 persons.
  • Orilampi Cottage and Holiday Center (
    • Water bus cruices
    • There is a boat service in the park: a water bus named Tuuletar II (Lapinsalmi, Karhulahti, Kuutinkanava, Mustalamminvuori)
  • SeikkailuviiKari (
    • Boat taxis (for 8 and 12 people) can be booked at lakes Repovesi, Vuohijärvi and Tihvetjärvi (40 € / one way)

Lodging and Conference Space

Other Services