The bridge of Linnansaarenlampi pond is out of use for the week 36

(Updated 2.9.2019)

The old bridge of Linnansaarenlampi pond will be taken off and the new one will be built during the week 36 (2.9.->). That side of the trail towards Linnavuori is cut off but the other side is usable and in normal condition.

Winter News

(Updated 9.1.2019) 

The splash of the waves has died down under the ice cover and nature has settled down for the winter. Only the rest stops of Pieni Lappi and Sammakkoniemi are available for use in winter. Overnight stays are possible only in Sammakkoniemi Camping, subject to the permission of Metsähallitus.


Due to currents, the ice can be treacherously thin, even after a hard frost. All movement on the islets and snowdrifts by the shore is forbidden in order to avoid disturbing Saimaa ringed seals, which give birth to pups in nests in the snow drifts on the shores of small islets. 


No winter maintenance is performed on the trails in the Linnansaari national park. 

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