Domestic waters in Liesjärvi has been examined

(2 June 2019)
Water at the well at the Kortenemi farm yard is good domestic water, but water of the attick well has not been examined. Water from the Pirttilahti well must be boiled or treated using purification tablets.

Water in the wells doesn't meet quality requirements in Liesjärvi National Park

(4 June 2018)
The domestic water examinations show that the water in both the well in northern part of Kyynäräharju esker and the new well at Korteniemi heritage Farm (in eastern part of the yard) don't meet the domestic water quality requirements. The attick well at Korteniemi (in front of the cabin) is out of use. In Liesjärvi National Park hikers need to bring their own drinking water or fetch water from Häme Nature Centre, Eräkeskus or Letkun puoti shop.

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