What's Currently Happening in Koli National Park

Ground water situation around Koli area is low due to lack of rain. Some of the wells and springs at Herajärvi trail can be currently dried out, for example Ikolanaho spring is out of use at the moment. You can get drinking water from natural sources by boiling it first and tap water from Nature Centre Ukko (nationalparks.fi/en_GB/kolinaturecentre) and Kiviniemi (kiviniementila.fi).

Snow is almost gone and nature is waking up. Tracks can be really wet, slippery or muddy. Proper, weather proof hiking shoes are recommended!

NOTE! There is several campfire sites in Koli National Park. Do not make camp fire elsewhere. Lighting campfires is forbidden when there is a forest fire warning in effect (en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi).



Hiking conditions may be extremely challenging. There is more than 50 cms of snow on the ground and it can be hard and icy or very soft depending on the temperature. When planning a several days hike, please contact Koli nature centre Ukko for further information. Sikosalmi ferry is not in use.


Snowshoeing trail on the Koli peaks, 1.5 km circle trail, is now marked. The trail has been marked in the terrain with orange ribbons. 


There is ca 40 cms of snow on the ground.  

Many of trails are usually compacted by hikers in the winter, but they are not otherwise maintained - please be careful! Slopes can be extremely slippery. We recommend using, for example, trekking poles, studded shoes or snowshoes.


Sikosalmi ferry is not in use. 

Sikosalmi ferry is not in use


Spring is arriving to Koli, but there is still lots of snow of the ground. Iif you wish to make a bit longer hike snow shoes are recommended. Ski tracks are getting soft.


There is several nature tracks which you can walk also without snowshoes. Ask current situation from Koli Nature Centre Ukko. 



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