Where to Go

Finland's Top Natural Attractions

Photo: Sanna-Mari Rivasto

The Finnish countryside offers nature-lovers many different kinds of experiences. More.

Some of the best areas for hiking lie within Finland's 40 national parks and 9 national hiking areas. Most of these areas are managed by Metsähallitus. Carefully planned networks of trails and other facilities are provided for visitors.

Repovesi National Park. Photo: Vastavalo/Teuvo Salmenjoki.

Many nature reserves and local authority recreational areas also have marked trails and free facilities for hikers.

There are suitable destinations all around the country for day trips, and in many areas suitable overnight accommodation allows visitors to enjoy a longer stay.

More experienced hikers can trek for many days along long distance trails and wilderness areas.

With the help of destination search on the Nationalparks.fi website you can find a suitable destination according to your interests.