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Everyman's Right

People of all nationalities have the right to enjoy the Finnish countryside freely under the traditional Finnish legal concept known as everyman's right. But together with these wide-ranging rights comes the responsibility to respect nature, other people, and property.

Everyman's right in Finland - Public Access to the Countryside: Rights and Responsibilities (www.ymparisto.fi)  
Everyman's right in Finland - Legislation and Practice (www.ym.fi)

Weather and Environment

Weather and Climate in Finland, Finnish Meteorological Institute  (www.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi)
Weather Forecasts, Foreca (www.foreca.fi)
Unit Converter, Finnish Meteorological Institute (www.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi)
Research Based Information on the State and Development of Nature in Finland (www.biodiversity.fi)
Aurora Forecast (www.gi.alaska.edu)


How to Use the Emergency Number 112 in Finland, Emergency Response Centre Agency  (www.112.fi, pdf-file)
Practical Animated Tutorials about Kayak Paddling (www.kayakpaddling.net)
Act Responsibly in Finnish Nature: Environmental Guide for Tourists and Recreational Users of Nature (pdf-file)


MapSite, National Land Survey of Finland (kansalaisen.karttapaikka.fi)
Google Maps (maps.google.com)
Hiking in Finland – Day Trips and Backpacking Expeditions by Jouni Laaksonen, Karttakeskus 2019 (www.karttakauppa.fi).

Mobile Phone Coverage Maps in Finland

TeliaSonera, Coverage Map (www.telia.fi, in Finnish)
Elisa, Coverage Map (www.elisa.fi, in Finnish)
DNA Finland, Coverage Map (www.dna.fi, in Finnish)

Public Transportation

Train Timetables and Tickets (www.vr.fi)
Bus Timetables and Tickets (www.matkahuolto.fi)
Expressbus Timetables and Tickets (www.expressbus.fi)
Flight Timetables and Bookings (www.finnair.com)
Information on Rail and Bus Connections, Flight and Walking Routes in Finland (www.journey.fi)

Internet Forums

Backpacking & Hiking Community Forums (www.backpacking.net)
Backpacker.com (www.backpacker.com)
Outdoorsmagic (www.outdoorsmagic.com)

Other Webpages

The Baltic Sea and Marine Protection (www.ym.fi)
What is the State of the Baltic Sea (www.environment.fi)
Algal situation (www.environment.fi)
Travelling in Lapland (www.laplandfinland.com)
Find out more about visiting Lapland (www.lapland.fi)
NatureGate - Fascinating Information about Wild Species (www.luontoportti.com)
North Karelia - the walker's paradise (www.vaellus.info)
The Finnish Lighthouse Society (www.majakkaseura.fi)
Finland for All - Accessible Destinations (www.suomikaikille.fi) 
VisitFinland - The Official Travel Guide (www.visitfinland.com) 
WildTaiga - Nature and Culture of Kainuu (www.wildtaiga.fi) 
Visit Oulu Region (www.visitoulu.fi)
The Ultimate Camping Guide: Checklist & Essential Tips for Campers (www.wonderfulwellies.co.uk)

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