Sights in Hiidenportti National Park 

In Hiidenportti, please, note that the stairs leading down to the valley near the Porttilampi lean-to shelter have been removed because of their bad condition. However, it is possible to follow the trail keeping in mind that it is a little more demanding. The stairs and duckboards in some other places are also in bad condition. They will be repaired in 2020.
Photo: Jouni Laaksonen.

Hiidenportti Gorge

The gorge has vertical rock walls and is the National Parks best know tourist sight. The gorge is located just under 1,3 km from Palolampi information point.

Hiidenportti. © Hannu Huttu

Kovasinvaara Hill

The grounds of the deserted Kovasinvaara Croft in the middle of heritage landscape have remnants of the past to give visitors a picture of how people in the area used to live.
Visitors can choose their route so that they can see both. The length of the hike is 3 km.

Cultural History

Hiidenportti National Park is rich in cultural history. Besides the Kovasinvaara croft there can be found traces of tar burning, slash-and-burn cultivating, logging, floating and hiding places.

A booklet "Hiidenportti Through the Ages" gives information on the interesting cultural history of the area. Most of the historical points are situated by the hiking trails, but some of them are outside the trails.