Häme Nature Centre

Photo: Riikka Tikkanen

Welcome to the Häme Nature Centre

With its ancient courtyard, the Häme Nature Centre, located along the historical Hämeen Härkätie road, is steeped in an old-time atmosphere. Visitors can get information about Liesjärvi and Torronsuo National Parks, explore the Häme lake uplands, and take advantage of hiking opportunities in the region and municipalities nearby.

Opening Hours in 2019

Mon-Fri 11 am -6 pm, Sat-Sun 12 am -6 pm

Contact Information

Eerikkila Outdoor Center
Address: Härkätie 818, 31380 Letku (Tammela), Finland
Telephone: + 358 201 108 273
E-mail: luontokeskus(at)eerikkila.fi

Services in Eerikkila Outdoor Center.

Telephone: + 358 206 39 4630
E-mail: hame(at)metsa.fi

Bookings for the Korteniemi Heritage Farm (in Finnish) and smoke sauna. Bookings of rental huts (Hyypiö and Peukaloinen) in Liesjärvi National Park and rental hut (Onnin maja) in Evo Hiking Area. Bookings for the Loppi camping sites (The Komionlammit and Palolammi) and Evo camping site.

Location: In southwestern Häme, Tammela (www.tammela.fi) municipality, along the historical Hämeen Härkätie road. 

Arrival: By car, public transport and bicycle. 

Visit: Open on weekdays from 11am to 6pm and at weekends from 12am to 6pm.

Things to Do and See: Events, nature trails, a beach.

Suitability: For the whole family, groups and visitors with mobility difficulties. Also pets are welcome.

Services: Conference and guidance services, bookings for the Eerikkila Outdoor Center, a nature shop, café, snowshoe, canoe and bicycle rental and WIFI. Read more.

This is the web page www.nationalparks.fi/hamenaturecentre

Häme Visitor Center is managed by Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort together with near-by municipalities (Tammela, Forssa, Jokioinen, Loppi, Humppila, Ypäjä).

Directions and Maps

By Car

  • From highway 2 (Helsinki-Pori), follow the signs to Häme Nature Centre, drive for 1.5 km and turn left into the parking area as indicated by signs.
  • While on the Hämeen Härkätie road (no 2824), from the village of Porras, follow the signs and turn right into the parking area.

Map of the Surroundings of Häme Nature Centre

By Public Transportation

  • Express bus service on Highway 2 (Helsinki-Pori), several departures daily. To the northwest of the Nature Centre, bus stop at the Eerikkilä junction (Eerikkilä th), walk in the direction of the village of Porras around 1.5 km until you reach the Häme Nature Centre. Express bus timetables are available on the website www. matkahuolto.fi.
  • The Hämeen Härkätie cycling route passes by the Ruostejärvi recreation area. For more information, see the Häme Lake Uplands outdoor map (www.hameenvirkistysalueyhdistys.fi, in Finnish).
  • Journey.fi provides information on public transportation to Häme (www.journey.fi)
This is the web page www.nationalparks.fi/hamenaturecentre.

See Directions: By Public Transportation to Häme Nature Centre

See Directions: By Car to Häme Nature Centre

Services Offered by Partners in Liesjärvi National Park

Self-guided Tour: "7 Finnish National Parks"

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