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Barrier-Free Trails

  • There is a barrier-free duckboard trail (50 metres long and about a metre wide) from the Auttiköngäs parking area to the Auttiköngäs Log Floaters' Hut. A shorter barrier-free duckboard trail leading to an area on the edge of the Auttiköngäs gorge, from where you can see the rapids, can also be accessed from the parking area. The barrier-free Auttiköngäs trails have been classified as demanding wheelchair routes (the gradient is over 8%), so you may need an assistant on these trails.
    • Services: The Log Floaters' Hut and the lean-to shelter next to the parking area are suitable rest spots for the disabled. There is a dry toilet for the disabled in the parking area.

Hanging bridge. Photo: Sulo Norberg

Nature Trail

  • Please note, that parts of the old structures on the trail have been taken down and the route has been altered. The trail is now demanding, but it can still be walked. In the map below the structures taken down are marked in red and the altered parts of the trail in blue.

The strucures taken down in autumn 2018 and the altered routes.

  • The Auttiköngäs nature trail is a 3,5-km-long circle trail. The trail leads along the banks on both sides of the River Auttijoki across varied and quite demanding terrain. Steps and rest spots have been built on the slopes to facilitate climbing. Climbing up Könkäänvaara Hill - the area's highest point -will bring its own reward: there is a nature observation tower at the top which looks out over beautiful scenery. During dry weather rubber boots are not needed. The River Auttijoki is crossed by hanging bridge.
    • Services: There are two campfire sites on the nature trail. The first one is situated right next to Auttiköngäs parking area and the second one is halfway down the trail right next to the hanging bridge. There is a dry toilet at the campfire site halfway down the trail. There is also a lean-to shelter there, which can be used as shelter if it rains. The campfire site at Auttiköngäs parking area has a dry toilet, a lean-to shelter structures to assist the disabled.
    • Sights: There are boards along the trail with information the area's natural features. Visitors should reserve a couple of hours to see the trail. There is a nature observation tower at the top of Könkäänvaara Hill.
    • There are metal structures along the trail. The metal stairs have wooden duckboards suitable for dog paws as well and the other metal parts in the gorge can be gone around by using a signposted optional route without metal structures.

Destination Brochure

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Dogs must be kept on a leash! Photo: Seppo Leinonen.

Dogs must be kept on a leash!