Spring time in Finnish nature


Finland is a country of four seasons and you wouldn’t believe how different the same nature locations look during different times of year. Summer time is green and lush with thousands of lakes sparkling in the sun, autumn is filled with bright colors and crispy morning mist, winter is dark, but full of adventures, aurora borealis, beautiful night-sky and snow-covered forests. Spring, on the other hand, is time of awakening. The nature basically bursts into life after a long, cold winter. Plants and animals quickly reclaim their place. Everything looks and smells fresh, sun shines bright, nature is teeming with life. 

Watching birds at Liminka Bay. Photo: Jussi Riikonen-

What to do in spring time

Bird watching

Finland is said to be a bird watchers paradise, and this is quite true due to many different reasons. According to BirdLife Finland some 478 species of birds have been detected in Finnish nature. Finland is a northern country, that offers home to many species that are not seen for example in Southern Europe. Many bird species leave the country in autumn for the cold and dark winter period, but then again return to rest and nest in Finland during spring time. Migrating birds are a magnificent sight that attract bird enthusiast from all around the world to travel to Finland and experience the mass migrations. Especially April and May are ideal months to observe the migrating birds in spring time.

You will find some perfect destinations for observing birds by using our Map Search. Especially archipelago, wetlands and mires are ideal places for observing birds. In many locations there are bird watching towers, that make observing birds easy - you just need a pair of binoculars and a bird book.

Barnacle goose (Branta leucopsis). Photo: Aleksi Malinen.

Another good option is to use guides that offer bird safaris. In many locations there are companies or entrepreneurs who offer these services. It is always more fun to observe birds with an expert who knows the perfect spots, who recognizes the birds and who can tell a bit extra about each species. You will find information about our partner companies, that have committed to sustainable nature tourism principles at each destinations “Partners” section.

Mind the nature!

Hepatica nobilis. Photo: Johanna Hellman.

If you decide that bird watching is something you would like to try, there is a couple of things that you need to know. First, always respect the distance between you and the wildlife. Observing is good and interesting, as long as, you do it from a respectable distance. That is why we have binoculars. Second, you need to know that for ensuring the nesting peace for birds there are some zones, for example in national parks, that are restricted of movement during spring/summer time. Keep those in mind and check possible restrictions in each destination’s “Instructions and Rules” section. Third, while the weather conditions vary significantly during the year, in spring time they may vary a lot also in one day. Be well prepared when you head out outdoors. Wear layers of clothes and keep extra warm clothes in a backpack. Take with you all the litter from the nature.

Recommended destinations for bird watching:
Yoga in a forest. Photo: Anna Pakkanen.

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