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When forest and grass fire warnings are in effect, fire is only allowed at covered campfire sites that have a flue. A fire can be also lit in fireplaces at wilderness and other huts. Always use extreme caution when handling fire. The one who lights a fire is always responsible for its safe use. Please note, that making fire at these campfire sites can be banned locally. 

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Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park - joint nature conservation area between Norway, Russia and Finland - celebrated its 10th anniversary!


Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park is a unique area of six nature conservation areas which protects Norwegian, Russian and Finnish wildlife. Trilateral Park was celebrated at the annual Pasvik-Inari cooperation’s advisory board meeting in Nikel, Russia, in the last week of August. Speeches were held, photographs from the common years were looked at, delicasies eaten and toasts raised for 10-year-olds. Our teammates, partners and stakeholders described our transboundary cooperation with words productive, operational and active - so it has to be! 

This year, Pasvik-Inari co-operated with many times. In the spring and late summer, the waterfowl of the Pasvik River have been registered, and in three countries there have been birdwatching trips. Making of a travelling, temporary photo exhibition on the nature and cultural values of the borderland is in the final stages. And by the end of this year action plan will be completed for the next ten years: the action plan has been seen as an excellent tool for guiding international nature conservation cooperation towards common goals. 

Photo: Pasvik zapovednik employee.

One of the most important works of next year is the trilateral bear monitoring conducted at same time in Norway, Russia and Finland. Bears have been researched with one and the same method in years 2007, 2011 and 2015. The hair and faeces samples collected in summer 2019 will be analyzed in a gene lab and the results obtained will supplement to the knowledge of bear population in Pasvik-Petsamo-Inari area on the level of individual bears! And new projects will be launched with funding from European Union’s ENI Neighborhood Program. Thanks to external funding, we can contribute to major issues, such as the restoration of tributary rivers of River Pasvik on the Russian side, making of a permanent exhibition to the Pasvik zapovednik’s Visitor Center, and building a new visitor point for Øvre Pasvik National Park.

International co-operation between the managers of nature conservation areas in the Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park - Office of Finnmark County Governor, Øvre Pasvik National Park Board, Pasvik zapovednik and Metsähallitus - is certified in the EUROPARC Transboundary Parks program. A sign of high quality cooperation is a certificate, which is valid for five years at a time.

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Yoga in a forest. Photo: Anna Pakkanen.

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