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To the Archipelago without your own boat


The rocky shore of Björkö island. Picture: Laura Lehtonen

From Pärnäinen to

Berghamn which belongs partly to the Archipelago National Park. Enjoy the traditional scenery of archipelago and Västerby fishing estate. Get familiar with past and present fisherman's life.
m/s Cheri or m/s Myrskylintu 1.4.-31.10.2018
Nötö, Aspö, Jurmo and Utö. The austere nature of these islands offer visitors unforgettable experiences. Utö is the southernmost island with year-round habitation in Finland.
m/s Eivor 1.6.-6.8.2018 If booked in advance m/s Eivor will also stop at Berghamn on Fridays and Sundays
From Kasnäs to
Örö which showcases the history of Finland's coastal defence, from the days of Tsarist Russia until the present day. The island is also a home to invaluable scorched heathlands and sandy beaches that have remained virtually untouched for over 100 years, during which time the island has been a closed fortress.
m/s Norrskär 1.6.-2.9.2018
m/s Sissel tai m/s Minandra 25.6.-12.8.2018
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Högsåra, an idyllic and scenic island which has beautiful beaches.
every day with a ferry 1.1.-31.12.2018
you can overnight for example in the Sandvik beach which belongs to the Archipelago National Park
Hiittinen to admire its old wooden church and the only known Finnish runestone.
every day with a ferry 1.1.-31.12.2018
Bengtskär where is the tallest lighthouse of the Nordic countries. After 252 steps you are rewarded with a breathtaking view.
m/s Sissel or m/s Minandra 2.6-26.8.2018 every day at 11:00 am from Kasnäs harbour
Holma. The island offers two nature trails, which features nature of Archipelago National Park and traditional landscapes.
m/s Stella 2.6.-12.8.2018
From Korpoström to
For different tours with a local guide to the islands of Aspö, Nötö, Bodö and Vänö and the islands of Björkö and Örö which belong partly to the Archipelago National Park. Most trips have planned meals and breaks.
m/s Amanda 24.5.-7.8.2018
Stora Hästös fairytalelike, however austere, scenery and its two nature paths one of which is underwater. 
guided tours with the Postboat during open waters, booking in advance
To the rocky island of Konungskär where the famous Finnish Marshal Carl Gustaf Mannerheim also visited the hut in September 1926.
guided tours with the Postboat during open waters, booking in advance
The island of Seili has a gloomy past as a remote place of confinement for lepers and a mental asylum. Those exiled to the island brought along the planks for their coffin and never returned to the outside world. Today, visitors can admire the Museum Church of Seili and enjoy the charming island views.
m/s Fanny  Turku - Seili - Nauvo every day 8.6.-2.9.2018
m/s Östern  Hanka - Seili - Nauvo every day 18.5.-2.9.2018
m/s Falkö Northern route of Nauvo 18.5.-2.9.2018
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