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Easy Trips to Bothnian Sea National Park


Summer season is getting closer and the archipelago nature is waking up after a long winter. These links will make it easier to discover the Bothnian Sea national park.

Säppi lighthouse island. Photo: Sanna-Mari Rivasto

Katanpää fortress island

Isokari lighthouse

  • The highest lighthouse of the Bothian Sea, surrounded by diverse nature.
  • (in Finnish)

Kuuskajaskari fortress island

  • On Kuuskajaskari island it is possible to see military relics like watchtowers and coastal defense guns.
  • (in Finnish)

Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse

  • The lighthouse island of Kylmäpihlaja is not very far away from Vanha Rauma, which is one of the Unescos World Heritage sites. From the top of the lighthouse opens a beautiful view over the Rauma archipelago.

Luvia archipelago

  • Enjoy the beautiful archipelago aboard Galeas Ihana.
  • (in Finnish)

Säppi lighthouse island

  • There is a lot to experience for an independent explorer. Daytrips from Pori and Luvia are organized.
  • (in Finnish)

Iso-Enskeri island

  • One of the biggest islands of the northern archipelago of Pori. There are both ancient forest and archaic coastline.
  • (in Finnish)

Ouraluoto island

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