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Finland's most popular national park turns 80


The importance of national parks to Finnish tourism grows every year. Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park is the most popular park in Finland in terms of visitor numbers.

Photo: Seija Olkkonen

The park logs over 500,000 visits each year.  According to user surveys the reasons for visiting the park are experiencing nature and the scenery. Cross-country skiing and backpacking are the most popular activities, but cycling, walking, snowshoeing, freeskiing and kite skiing are new forms of winter activities.

Sustainable tourism is practiced in the park

Administering over 40 national parks, Metsähallitus sets the requirements for nature tourism operators using national parks to provide their services. Winter in Lapland is a big draw for tourists, but Metsähallitus also paves the way for new nature tourism services in the summer. Opening summer trails to cycling has been a success.

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