Virvatulten polku trail leads from Sammakkotammi information point in Tiilikkajärvi National Park through the old-growth forest reserve at Pumpulikirkko to Metsäkartano nature tourist centre in the municipality of Rautavaara. You can hike the trail in either direction.

Hikers in Pumpulikirkko Natura 2000 Area. Photo: Katri Suhonen

Starting Points for Excursions

  • Tiilikkajärvi National Park
  • Konttimäki parking area
    • The parking area is at approximately the halfway point of the trail. A connecting hiking trail from the parking area and information point leads to the portion of Virvatulten polku Trail between Pankalampi lean-to shelter and Yrttilampi campfire site. It is 1,5 km from the parking area to Pumpulikirkko giant´s kettle.
  • Metsäkartano nature tourist centre (

Trail Sections

Virvatulten polku Trail is not a circle trail, but it can be divided into sections spanning the distance between campfire sites and lean-to shelters:

  • Tiilikkajärvi National Park (Sammakkotammi information point) - Pankalampi lean-to shelter, 9 km - undemanding terrain
  • Pankalampi lean-to shelter - Yrttilampi campfire site, 6 km - difficult or extremely demanding terrain
  • Yrttilampi campfire site - Metsäkartano, 4 km - undemanding terrain

Route description

Trail Markings

  • The trail is marked with red-orange rings of paint around tree trunks. There are signposts at about 2 km intervals.

Connecting Trails

Hiking Trails

Skiing Trails

  • During early spring there is sometimes a ski trail between Metsäkartano and Pumpulikirkko. It is not maintained regularly. The full length back and forth is 14.5 km. The last 200 m to the giant's kettle must be walked as the terrain is uneven.

Dogs must be kept on a leash! Photo: Seppo Leinonen.

Dogs must be kept on a leash!

(chapter 8 -  Keeping a dog)