The most demanding section of the trail is the rocky fracture valley of Pumpulikirkko Natura 2000 Area. Photo: Katri SuhonenVirvatulten polku Trail is classified of medium difficulty. Most of it leads through easy to travel terrain, but there are several difficult sections. The trail is suitable for beginners as it is well marked, but you must be in quite good shape as the terrain is demanding at points. The trail is not suited for the disabled.

The trail is rocky and Pumpulikirkko nature reserve with its gorges makes it a demanding hike. One kilometre in this terrain takes longer to hike than in easier terrain. The recommended hiking speed is 10 to 30 km per day depending on the shape you are in. As the trail requires quite a bit of time, it can be divided into sections and hiked in two days. Pankalampi lean-to shelter is situated almost exactly at the trails halfway point.

The trail is open to the public when the ground is not frozen - from the end of May through to October when permanent snow falls. Snow remains far into the spring in hollows and gorges. During the spring floods there can be water covering the duckboards. During early spring there is sometimes a cross country skiing trail between Metsäkartano and Pumpulikirkko. To get up-to-date information on the condition of the skiing trail contact Metsäkartano nature tourist centre. The ski trail is not regularly maintained.