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Location of Vehoniemenharju in FinlandWestern Finland, Pirkanmaa Region
Kangasala (
Area 0,78, Punamultalukko 0,25
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.

Vehoniemenharju is an esker formation located between two large lakes, Roine and Längelmävesi, and the home of the famous song "Mä oksalla ylimmällä" ("I'm perched on the highest tree-top"). The Vehoniemi area mainly consists of conifer-dominated esker forests. The wide spectrum of forest types also includes the dry Vaccinium (lingonberry) type and herb-rich forests. The area boasts Punamultalukko, one of the largest kettle holes in Finland. It is located some three kilometres south of Vehoniemenharju Esker. There is an old road, an observation tower and an automotive museum on top of the esker. 

Vehoniemenharju forms a nationally valuable esker area together with Keisarinharju Esker, which is located on the northern side. The forest area of Vehoniemi is diverse and contains features of a natural forest. Vehoniemenharju is an excellent day trip destination.

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