Sights and Activities on the Välimaa Sámi Farm

The Välimaa Sámi Farm is situated in a beautiful setting on the River Teno. Here, you can visit a genuine Sámi Farm in the extreme north of Finland.

  • The Välimaa Farm was founded in 1858, but there are traces of even earlier settlements on the site. With its timber and turf buildings, the Välimaa Farm, which is still on its original site, is a prime, nationally important example of an old Sámi farm based on river fishing and rearing sheep. This rare complex is one of the finest historical sights in Utsjoki and a unique ethnological jewel. More information on the history of Välimaa Sámi Farm
  • The Välimaa Sámi Farm is situated in the heart of Northern Lapland's landscape. The farmyard is a valuable heritage environment. The flora thriving in the meadow includes harebell, globeflower, yellow rattle ssp. groenlandicus, Alpine mouse-ear, the threatened Norwegian cinquefoil and wild chives var. sibiricum. Mowing and grazing provide light and space for these plants. The birch grove next to the Välimaa home meadow is enormous in view of the circumstances. In fact, at around 300 years old, these birch trees are thought to be the oldest in eastern Finnmark.

Välimaa cowshed. Photo: Pasi Nivasalo