Hiking Trails

Starting Points for Trails

The starting points for the Utsjoki area trails are located in the centre of Utsjoki parish village or in its immediate vicinity. More precise information on the starting points below in connection with the descriptions of the trails. There are parking areas at the starting points.

Nature Trail

  • Utsjoki geological trail, 3.5 km, provides information on Utsjoki's bedrock, signs of the Ice Age and the effects of ground frost, using six information boards. The trail starts almost at the centre of the village, from a partly forested meadow. The trail, marked with orange-tipped wooden poles, rises up from the information boards to Kalkujokilampi day-trip tepee and descends down Annakuru Gulley to the jogging track behind the school centre, from where it is a short walk back to the starting point along a sidewalk. The trail is easy to traverse, except for its steep beginning and end and it is suitable for beginner hikers.
    • Services: Kalkujoenlampi tepee

Sceenery from geological trail. Photo: Pasi Nivasalo

Circle Trails

  • Utsjoki Hiking Trail, 25 km or 35 km, starts near the Nature Information Hut and leads along Johtalanvaara Hill to the open wilderness hut at the southern end of Lake Kuoppilasjärvi. From there the trail continues to the lean-to tepee at Lake Námmájärvi and from there to the church at Lake Mantojärvi, which comes to a total of 25 km. The trail becomes circular and 35 km long when you hike along the trail from Mantojärvi back to Utsjoki. Along the trail you can see small wilderness lakes and river valleys and spectacular views open up from the summits of the surrounding fells. Just before Mantojärvi, you may get your feet wet wading across the ford at River Yläseitikkojoki when the waters are high. The trail is marked with orange-tipped wooden poles.
  • Kalkujoenlampi Trail, 5.9 km, starts at Utsjoki Nature Information Hut. The trail follows the path leading to Lake Kuoppilasjärvi. A 0.8 km connecting trail leads off the path at a pond, 2.6 km from the starting point, along which you can reach the Kalkujoenlampi day-trip tepee and continue further onto Utsjoki geological trail. A kilometre of the journey is along sidewalks.
    • Services: Kalkujoenlampi tepee

Other Trails

  • Elli Trail, 3.8 km, starts from the intersection at Lomatärppi holiday village and continues to the observation deck and down to Ellinkuolpuna and onwards to the day-trip tepee on the shore of Aittikoski rapids. The easy-to-traverse trail is marked with orange-tipped wooden poles. The same trail leads back to the starting point.
  • Kevo Trail, 63 km, passes through the canyon area of Kevo Strict Nature Reserve. The trail alternately leads to the bottom of the canyon and to the tops of the fells and crosses the River Kevojoki three times, at the bottom of the canyon. The most spectacular scenery in the nature reserve can be seen along the way, including Fiellu Waterfall and the Wall of Kevo. The northern starting point for the trail is at Lake Kenesjärvi, 12 km south of the centre of Utsjoki.

Cross-country Skiing Trails

  • In winter the quiet wilderness areas offer an excellent destination for wilderness treks. The varying weather conditions and forces of nature in the inhospitable environment offer challenges and new situations even for experienced skiers. The area's snowmobile tracks can help a skier when the snow elsewhere gives way underfoot due to sudden changes in weather conditions.

Snowmobile Tracks