Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland and the Utsjoki tourist information point provide their services at Áilegas-keskus -house in the parish centre of Utsjoki. At the premises of the Metsähallitus Nature Information Point, you can view an exhibition about Kevo research station  and receive information on the hiking opportunities in the Utsjoki area, in the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve and in the surrounding wilderness.



There is no entrance fee to Áilegas-keskus -house. The information point is open during the summertime. Groups should make reservations in advance. In case Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland and the Utsjoki tourist information point are closed, you can obtain information at the Siida Northern Lapland Nature Centre in Inari.

Map of surroundings of Utsjoki © Metsähallitus


By Public Transportation

Coaches travel daily to Utsjoki from Inari. Timetables ( The Utsjoki tourist information point is located at the address: Utsjoentie 46c, 99980 Utsjoki.  

By Car

The Metsähallitus Nature Information Point and the Utsjoki tourist information point are located in the village centre at Áilegas-keskus -house (southern house).


  • Information on natural features of and hiking in Kevo Strict Nature Reserve and Paistunturi and Kaldoaivi Wilderness Reserves. Paistunturi Wilderness Reserve is closest to the Information Point.
  • Sales of publications, maps and Metsähallitus recreational fishing permits.
  • Utsjoki tourist information ( +358 40 181 0263) is located in Utsjoki Nature Information Point.

Exhibition of Kevo research station 

There is an exhibition about Kevo research station at the Áilegas-keskus house tourist information premises. The other actors at Áilegas-keskus (

The Grounds

The Utsjoen retkeilyreitti Trail (35 km), which leads into Paistunturi Wilderness Reserve, begins nearby Utsjoki Nature Information Point. The trail is a circular trail and can be divided into smaller sections of 25 km and 10 km. The end point for these is at Lake Mantojärvi south of Utsjoki.

Services for the Disabled

There are no services suitable for the disabled in the building.

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Opening Hours in 2018

14.6.–21.9. Mon–Thu 10 am–5 pm and Fri 10 am–1.30 pm

At Wintertime the hut is closed.


Contact Information

Address Áilegas-keskus, 
Utsjoentie 46 c,
FI-99980 UTSJOKI, Finland
Mailing Address
Utsjoki Nature Information Point

FI-99980 UTSJOKI, Finland

Tel. int. +358 206 39 7792
E-mail: utsjoki(at), siida(at)

While the Nature Information Point is closed, more information can be acquired at Siida, Northern Lapland Nature Centre. The Nature Information Point is managed by Metsähallitus.