Customer Service and Guidance

Meals, Where to Buy and Prepare

Cafés and Restaurants

  • Utsjoki ( has several cafés and restaurants, as well as other eateries.
  • Most of the holiday villages have a small café or kiosk in connection with their receptions, which are open during the summer.
  • There are two grocery shops in the Utsjoki area (, as well as a grill stall and speciality shops.

Drinking Water

  • Water from brooks and ponds in the fell area is usually drinkable. Water from the Tenojoki and Utsjoki rivers should be boiled before drinking to be on the safe side. In warm weather, water should be boiled.
  • Look at the tips for outdoors drinking water in Hiking in Finland -pages.

Waste Management

  • At the rest points and shore-side recreational points in the Utsjoki area there are usually waste disposal bins. It is, however, recommended that hikers dispose of their own litter. Biodegradable waste should be placed in a toilet or composter, and small amounts of clean paper and cardboard can be used as kindling in a campfire. The rest can be taken to the collection points at the ends of the trails. Read more about Hiking Without Littering.
  • Waste management in the wilderness areas:


  • Most campfire sites and lean-to huts in the Utsjoki area have a dry toilet.

Overnight Stays

Camping and Campfire Shelters

  • Campers can freely camp out in tents in the area in accordance with Finland's ‘everyman's right' ( Campers are encouraged to stay overnight near campfire sites and open wilderness huts or in old camping areas to reduce their impact on the terrain. It is worthwhile taking a tent or similar with you, even if you are planning to stay overnight in an open wilderness hut.
    • Aittikoski, Kalkujoenlampi and Námmájärvi tepees
  • Camping in tents in Kevo Strict Nature Reserve is only permitted at the numerous marked campfire and camping sites along the trail.

Open Wilderness Hut

  • Koahppelasjärvi (in Finnish) Open Wilderness Hut is located along the Utsjoki Hiking Trail at the southern end of Lake Koahppelasjärvi.

Rental Huts

There are one Metsähallitus´ rental hut in the area (Lomarengas).

  • Yläköngäs is located along the River Tenojoki at Yläköngäs.

Camping Grounds

  • A campsite is located in the centre of Utsjoki village and some tourism entrepreneurs rent out tent places. Further information from Utsjoki's website (

Equipment Rental

  • Inquiries concerning equipment, boats etc. required for fishing on the River Tenojoki can be made to accommodation and activity service providers ( No other rental equipment is available in the area for the time being.

Services for the Disabled

  • Utsjoki area is not suitable for wheelchairs or prams.

Other Services in the Surrounding Area

  • Utsjoki has a post office and bank. The municipality does not have an ATM.
  • Utsjoki has a healthcare centre and self-care medicines can be purchased from the local supermarket Merjuska.
  • For inquiries concerning car transport, contact local taxi and tourism entrepreneurs (
  • Fishing permits for the River Tenojoki can be purchased from tourism entrepreneurs and Uulan Säästö shopping centre.
  • Metsähallitus' fishing permits for the Utsjoki area are sold at e.g. Utsjoki Nature Information point where you can also pay the fishing management fee required by the state.
  • The village has two petrol stations.
  • Versatile information on Lapland and tourist services in the area can be found on the Lapland tourism website (