Route Description for Kiilopää - Suomunruoktu - Tuiskukuru - Luirojärvi - Lankojärvi - Kiilopää

  • Kiilopää - Suomunruoktu, 14 km

    The hiking trail starts from the yard of the Kiilopää Fell Centre. The early part of the trail passes along the marked Rautulampi Trail until it reaches the Niilanpää reindeer fence, from where the route moves onto an unmarked trail that leads to the Suomunruoktu open and reservable wilderness hut. The wide trail follows the Suomujoki River, which can be easily crossed to reach the wilderness hut.

  • Suomunruoktu - Tuiskukuru, 13 km

    From the Suomunruoktu hut the trail continues further downstream of the Suomujoki river. After crossing the bridge on the Aitaoja river, head towards Vintilätunturi. From the heads of Harrihaara, head towards Tuiskukuru. An alternative route passes by the ponds of the Suomujoki River. After passing the ponds, follow the Vintiläoja stream to the fell birch stands on the south side of the Pikkutunturi Fell, from where you will descend to Tuiskukuru. There is a open and reservable wilderness hut in Tuiskukuru.

Kiilopää. Photo: Kirsi Luonuankoski, Metsähallitus

  • Tuiskukuru - Luirojärvi, 8 km

    From the Tuiskukuru hut the trip continues to Lake Luirojärvi, amidst impressive pine stands and fell birch stands on the south side of Ampupäät. You can cross the Luirojoki river at the river's neck. When the water is at normal level, it reaches up to just below the knee. There are several huts at Lake Luirojärvi where you can spend the night. Luirojärvi open and reservable wilderness hut, Kuuselan kämppä rental hut, Rajankämppä open wilderness hut and Raappana open turf hut.

  • Luirojärvi - Lankojärvi, 19 km

    There is a trail from the western shore of Lake Luirojärvi to Lake Lankojärvi. Between Vasanlyömäpäät and Joukhaispää, the trail continues towards the Suomujoki River. There is a wading spot in the Palovanganjoki River near the Suomujoki River. From there follow the trail downstream towards Lake Lankojärvi. There are fords on the south side of Lake Lankojärvi; these are marked on the Saariselkä - Sokosti outdoor map. During flood season we recommend that you cross the river at the Kotaköngäs bridge. The Luirojärvi - Lankojärvi trail is flanked by heathlands and beautiful fell landscapes. There is a open and reservable wilderness hut at Lankojärvi.

Sokosti. Photo: Juha Kaipainen, Metsähallitus

  • Lankojärvi - Kiilopää, 19 km

    There is a clear trail from Lake Lankojärvi, along the Rautuoja stream, westwards to the Rautulampi fireplace. The landscape is mostly forest. There is a trail marked with crosses that passes via Niilanpää through a wide-open fell area from Rautulampi to Kiilopää. The trail is broad and rocky.

    • Maps: Saariselkä-Sokosti

Rautulampi. Photo: Pirjo Rautiainen, Metsähallitus