Tikankolo Rental Hut

Rental hut, for 6 persons. 22 sq. metres, two rooms. There is a sauna on the grounds.


In 2019 the entrepreneur in Haukkalampi will take care of the renting. The hut can be rented now for 2019 through the new reservationsystem (www.naturaviva.fi).

Tikankolo is a two-room hut with a sauna. Hut was originally built to accommodate forest workers. The hut is located on the shore of Lake Saarilampi in the beautiful landscape of Nuuksio National Park.


Southern Finland, Uusimaa Region, Municipality of Vihti (www.vihti.fi), Nuuksio National Park.

Tikankolo, coordinates: Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat: 60° 18.9764' lon: 24° 27.1513'  ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 6689353 E: 359289



Tikankolo is situated on the south shore of Lake Saarilampi in the western part of Nuuksio National Park.
Take Turuntie road and turn north at Veikkola onto Lamminpääntie road; following the signposts to Kurjolampi. At the end of the Lamminpääntie road go on to Kurjolammentie road where the parking area is located. There is a 1-km-hike from the closest parking area to the hut. There is no drinking water at the hut.
A coach (www.matkahuolto.info, in Finnish) Pohjolan liikenne from Helsinki goes to Tervalampi which is west of Nuuksio National Park. It is approximately a 2 km hike from Tervalampi to the national park.

Tikankolo rental hut can also be reached through the northern part of Nuuksio National Park. From a parking area at Kattila, it is about 5 kilometer walk to the hut. In order to reach the parking area, drive old Turuntie road (nowadays Nupurintie road) and turn north to Nuuksiontie road. Drive past the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia and keep driving until you reach the end of Kattilantie road. 
You can also take a bus to the northern part of Nuuksio National Park. The bus that takes you near the hut is Espoo's internal traffic buss number 245(A) (www.reittiopas.fi). Take the bus all the way to the last stop. During summer, the last stop is at Kattila (5 km from the hut) and during winter at Nuuksionpää (7 km from the hut). 
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Nuuksio - Luukki outdoor map 1:20 000
Terrain map L413, 1:50 000


Bunk beds for six, with matresses and pillows. No electricity. There is a wood heated stove, a saw, an axe, an ice chisel, 2 life vests, a gas cooker, a candlestick, a stew pot, a frying pan, a kettle and a saucepan. Please note that it takes some time before the hut is properly warm!

Dry toilet. There is a sauna in a separate building on the grounds. There are water containers in sauna. There is a fireplace near the lake. No water point!


When staying at the huts in Nuuksio you should have the necessary hiking equipment with you. There is a 1-km-hike from the closest parking area to the hut. There is no drinking water at the hut.
Things you need to bring with you: enough food and water as well as a sleeping bag, matches, a torch, cutlery (forks, knives, spoons, plates etc.) and the Nuuksio - Luukki outdoor map.
It is allowed to bring pets in the hut.

The hut is not suited for the disabled.

Safety on hiking