Tiainen Crown Tenant Farm

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The area is managed by Metsähallitus.

The Tiainen Crown tenant farm has been restored into its original form by using the materials and work methods of the era. The farm is a historically valuable place to visit on the shores of Lake Kalhamanjärvi in the Puolanka municipality. Here you can experience how life was in the Kainuu wilds until the early 1900s.

History of Tiainen Crown Tenant Farm

 In the early years of 1800s, the population of Kainuu grew sharply. Consequently, there were not enough dwellings to accommodate everyone and old sources of livelihood could not provide a living for all. They had to move elsewhere. In the Crown forests there was space, wood and game. Often, it was too big a temptation to utilise these common areas for free, and so thousands of small cottages and fields were established in the Crown wilderness without anyone remembering to notify Crown officials. In cases where the officials knew about the matter, they rarely interfered with it. Amongst these dwellings was the Tiainen tenant farm. A small and modest double cottage, with a few outbuildings and a few dozens of ares of fields on the bank of the beautiful Lake Kalhamajärvi.

Tiainen Crown tenant farm. Photo: Teija Turunen

More Information on Tiainen Crown Tenant Farm:

Opening Hours

  • There are no personnel at the Tiainen tenant farm.
  • Admission to the farm is free-of-charge.
  • You can visit the farmyard and the buildings independently at any time. The buildings are locked. If you wish to see the inside of the buildings, you can obtain the key from Metsähallitus' Puolanka office, tel. +358 206 39 6720.

Contact Information

Directions and Maps

Map of the surroundings of Tiainen Crown tenant farm

By Car

  • The most convenient way to drive from the Puolanka - Pudasjärvi road (no. 78) to the Tiainen tenant farm is to turn on to the Lupposentie road and drive for 12 km, then turn left. Continue for 1.3 km, and you have reached the parking area of the Tiainen tenant farm. The Lupposentie crossroads is located at a distance of nine kilometres from Puolanka. At the crossroads there are signposts to the Tiainen tenant farm. There is also a signpost at the crossroads turning from the Lupposentie road to the Tiainen tenant farm.
  • You can also reach the Tiainen tenant farm from Kirkaslampi, Olvassuo, by driving west along a forest road that goes to Lupposentie road. The distance between Kirkaslampi and the Tiainen tenant farm is 22 km.

By Public Transportation

  • The Tiainen tenant farm cannot be reached by public transport.


Electronic Maps


Permanent Exhibition

In 2003, a photograph exhibition was set up in the bedroom of the Tiainen tenant farm. This exhibition describes, in an allusive way, the tale of the tenant farm from the early days to the present. Most of the photographs have been taken by Jorma Luhta. The main building is locked, so in order to see the exhibition you need to obtain the key from Metsähallitus' Puolanka office.

The Farmyard

  • The parking area of the Tiainen tenant farm is located by the road one hundred metres before the tenant farm. Connected to the parking area is an information site providing information on the Tiainen tenant farm buildings and their history as well as nearby destinations, like Olvassuo and Iso Tilansuo-Housusuo.
  • There is also a wood storage shed and a composting toilet in connection with the parking area.
  • The campfire site is located by the lake, close to the parking area.

Café and Restaurant Services

The closest café and restaurant services are available in the Puolanka village (www.puolanka.fi, in Finnish).

Services for the Disabled

The yard of the tenant farm is accessible by car and it is possible to use a wheelchair in the yard. The house cannot be accessed by wheelchair without an assistant.

Publication on the History of the Tiainen Tenant Farm

Researcher Päivi Tervonen from Kainuu Museum has carried out a study on the Tiainen tenant farm's history and life cycle. The publication "Tiaisen kruununmetsätorpasta Alanteen tilaksi" (in Finnish only) can be ordered from Hossa Visitor Centre.

This is the webpage www.nationalparks.fi/tiainencrowntenantfarm

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