Pleasant Overnight Stays for Many Decades

There were two parts in the Suomunruoktu dwelling building; Teräväpää and Tylppäpää, and a kitchen in the middle. During the wars, military patrols lodged in the hut and it was also used as horse stables. In 1943 Suomen Latu bought the hut and the sauna for the purposes of wilderness hiking. The actual hut was in such a poor condition that it was no longer reasonable to repair it, so it was pulled down, and the sauna was made into a hut for wilderness hikers. It has no solid foundation but has been built on the ground. Handcrafted round logs were used as the building material. There is one window in the hut and a saddle roof built with boards. Suomen Latu's repair expeditions and private persons repaired and renovated the hut from 1947 onwards.

The old Suomunruoktu hut year 2002. Photo: Veli Pääkkö

The old Suomunruoktu hut is the first open wilderness hut in the Saariselkä area that was made solely for hiking purposes. It served the wilderness hikers for several decades. However, the network of open wilderness huts that was later set up in the Koilliskaira area and particularly the new Suomunruoktu hut (built in 1966) reduced the use of the old hut and the old hut deteriorated. The distance from the old hut to the new hut is about 400 m (600 m along the path). There is a campfire site, a woodshed and a dry toilet by the new Suomunruoktu hut.

In 1976-1978 Suomen Latu restored the old Suomunruoktu hut into a museum destination, and today it is a historical sight in the basic zone of the Urho Kekkonen National Park. The hut is in poor condition. There are still bunks and a table in the hut, but the fireplace has been removed. There is also an old pole latrine behind the museum hut.

  • 'Ruoktu' is a Northern Sámi word for 'home'.